FDM free party review.


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Apr 17, 2002
Easter Sunday saw the FDM crew touching down at a new venue, The Usual Suspects, and despite a few let downs and the sound system not showing up everyone was determined to have a good night. First dj of the night was Kojak, playing a mixed set of up front white labels and classics from days gone by, getting the early arrivals on there feet rocking to the beat. Next up was the dj Lix who strayed from his usual dark style to show his versatility and played a blinder of a set having the crowd beg for mercy. Early mcing duties fell to the ever improving mc wylie and as the venue packed out it was time for two FDM debutantes, dj Prospect and mc Flexa... Prospect played an upfront set with the Flexa truly representing the Bromley massive, by this stage everyone was having a good time and the vibe was lively as the Lix stepped up 2 go b2b with the Prospect. MC's Speedy, Rippa and Ricochet entered the venue and alongside Flexa orchestrated the bubbling massive to build the vibe even higher with rewind following rewind as tunes like the dj Die remix of addicted to bass and demolition mans ragga fueled fire rethink caused chaos on the dancefloor. Last set of the night was down to Wylie D and Funx, and believe me mans got dubs. This was a phat set which rounded off a good night and saw the headnodders at the back surrounding the dj booth to voice their approval. All in all a wicked night, and definately worth checking for future FDM promotions
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Mar 11, 2009
Tony, or lyxx, i need to talk to you asap, i have started promoting things myself, and would like to put the old band back together, what you saying the FDM?? also trying to find fine line too, make it a real FDM set. anyway, my number is 07938497460, and my e-mail is angreeman@hotmail.co.uk i have been writing, and mcing since i last saw you boys like just about every day, and i am a lot better now, i have set lyrics, lots of, and would love to hook back up with you boys to do some sets, i've got my own sound system, decks, mikes, everything, get in touch yeah?? the FDM can come back if that's what you all want, i know i do. Lee.
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