FD - Alone With Everybody EP - The North Quarter (13th October)


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Jul 6, 2015


Ahh some quality again after that fucking ass of a redeyes release.

I found it interesting how that Redeye's EP is North Quarter is not as good as the previous releases, & at a similar time 1985 released the Halogenix EP which is as good as the previous releases. Neither releases were bad per say, both were really good & have strong points but they're just not great like the previous ones, as both varied from what the label has been doing to date. The purest in me thinks that they shouldn't have stepped outside their square, but i understand many would think that sticking to the same recipe would b boring....
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I don't mind the Fox bit, works nice in the mix with something a bit harder...

But, I dunno, the rest is a bit...

You know...
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