FB Podcast Ep. 2 – Dungeon Crawler (Dark Rolling Drum & Bass 2014)

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    Hi guys,
    This it’s second episode of the Fat Badger Podcast. It’s a moody adventure, with highs and lows throughout.
    An earlier version of this was actually posted before under a different user name, so you might of seen it before. Anyway here’s the latest version!


    There is a free download link in the youtube description.
    It’s on Mixcloud as well if that’s your preference.

    Check out the channel for more mixes here:


    Balance of Power – Seba
    Chimera – Stealth
    Snake Charm – Ed:it
    The Clock Ticks – Dub Phizx
    Snuck – S.I.N.
    Wall of Mirrors – S.P.Y.
    Steam Train – Break
    Elephants - Enei
    Lofah – Need for Mirrors
    Talk to Frank - Commix (Break RMX)
    Swordfish – Shimah
    Graphene - Hybris
    Liberation – Enei
    Bulldozer – S.P.Y
    Unexist – Reso
    Photone Recruits – Rawtekk
    The Power of Thought – Safire
    Jaipur – Foreign Concept (Villem RMX)
    Seconds to Midnight – S.P.Y
    Hyenas – Noisia, Calyx & Teebee
    Arrakis – Black Sun Empire (Noisia RMX)