favourite tunes on Good Looking?


bangin garden of dobbylon
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Apr 2, 2009
my knowledge of GLR is pretty sketchy so please post some

never get tired of this classic

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Apr 2, 2012
I came in to post that chameleon tune!

This one is looking good records but It's too good to miss out..

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Jun 13, 2009
So Long is one of my favourite dnb tracks ever, stunning tune.

Nookie - Innerspace
Voyager - Apollo
Smote - Genteel Poverty
Seba - Valley of the Moomins
KMC - System
Nu-Moon - Green Sand (Cookin Records)
Seba – Planetary Funk Alert

Way too many IMO, found heaps of Points in Time CD's in my cupboard the other day gunna whack em on the PC now!
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