Favourite Total Science tunes

Been rinsing my the Total Science tunes today new and old, it made realise how good they really are. Course i knew they are very talented and produce sick tunes, but it only really dawned on me the level that there at. Alongside Break, Noisia i feel there isn't many that have produced banger after banger over the years. Hears just a few i love.

Soul patrol, Give me your love, Defcom vip, Jungle jungle, Jericho, Going in circles.

Whats your favourite????


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VIP Junglist
There's loads! One's that spring to mind:
Squash VIP
Defcom 69
Millenium Girl
Baby Oil
Street level

There's quite a few decent Q Project one's too:
Urban Decay
Milk & Honey
Greatest Thing (cheesy as but I got good memories with that tune)
Im probably a lot older than most on here but back in the day Total Science were pretty much the top dogs, Certainly before the likes of Bad Company etc, Its a real shame because for me I think they lost a lot of their sound when the digital era began and they moved over from hardware to software, I still rate them highly to this day but they used to just release anthem after anthem and not just in a certain style either, Whatever these guys did was good, you could pretty much buy they're stuff without listening, Something you can't really say about many people anymore. Champion Sound, Squash VIP, Soul Patrol, Defcom, Jungle Jungle, The Punisher, Paridise Lost, 2 Little 2 Late, Nosher, Prozac, 3 Sugars, Pop Psychology for me are all tunes worthy of space in my record box even today. Not to mention they are 2 of the biggest wreckheads in the whole dnb industry and ontop of that 2 of the funniest nicest guys you could ever wish to meet