favorite mc

I have been debating this for months..back in like 06-07 when eksman really started hitting the raves i got to he was awesome and listening to him on hundreds of sets he was class...but just recently i've really started to get bored of his lyrics! even more so now harry shotta and funsta have made it big and obviusouly skibba with sick new lyrics.

I am torn between these 3 mc's. I thinks skibbas flow is sick and funsta's lyrics are soooo big but also listened to alot of harry shottas hip hop and fell in love as soon as i heard.

I think its gotta be fun

what every one else think?
i know wot u mean...like early stages of last year i think was when i started to listen to him and there was no dnb with him on which makes me guess he hasnt been doing dnb for long which should mean he will get better..but he's sick already..

fun is soooo fukin good though!!!


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I honestly can't tell the difference between virtually all mc's anymore.

None of them get me hyped, if anything they ruin my night chattin senseless shit over breakdowns and drops.

The only MC i really really rate is Stamina, guys fucking amazing and is a proper Master of Ceremonies .

sam the dnb man

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IC3 is my fav overall.

if i see him on a flyer it makes me wanna goto that rave.

the mc's i stated before..i like them on radio sets as they are lyrical

although mekar would sound sick live i reckon
skibbas new stuff is ok, not brilliant tho ( the repeated uncz thing is starting to grate a little) but the guy is a living ledgend and still tears it.
funstas ok too but hogs the mic a little (i dont know why people are saying hes just bust on the scene tho)
shotta will be big ,lyrically top of the game but needs to tune up his delivery skills along with his timing.
but you have to say eksman is still the don. dont know how u can say hes boring, new bars on the regular, doesnt over use bars throughout a set and never really has a bad night.
to be fair, for me its a case of different nights different needs , whatever im feelin at the time really .
but guys dont forget-
shabba-wicked when hes up for it (usually early on)
fearless-(maybe not lately,no new stuff)
evil b - making his way up the ladder (fast)
merkar- one for the future
ic3 ,herbzie ,presha,..........i could go on cause i like a bit of a mix but my joint is beckoning me and im a sucker for a toke!!!