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    we have new tunes by T-Mofi, Listen2yourmind, bad boy tune it's a must in anyones collection, and jeffmunkeyfaces, pubic enema, a tribute to public enemy, from the munkey man. all these tunes are free, so download and enjoy people.

    we are also running a T-mofi competition were you can win a free remix cd of his tune Listen2yourmind,. all you have to do is answer a very simple question which is

    From what country does the bad boy dj/producer/radio presenter, Freq Nasty, orginate from is it

    A) Britain
    B) America
    C) New Zealand
    D) Australia

    email your answers to info@fatpigfarm.com with 'T-Mofi Comp' in the subject (include your address!) we have ten cd's to give away so people feel free and enter and win yourself some free music.



    wacky baccy :welcome: