[FAT002] VTech and Hookah - One Race EP


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Jan 24, 2010


Fat Camp Records' second release brings an organic mix of dance floor drum and bass for the lovers of acoustic instruments mixed with tight beats.

The title track "One race" features the Australian based lyrical artist Will Scarlett adding some critical views of the society on top of a mildly deranged mixture of guitars, choirs and synthesizers to make a statement about the world at large.

Second track "Rainy days" is a mix of smooth and tight elements including acoustic and electric guitars and Rhodes piano with a distorted bassline for those days when you'd rather not leave your home to venture out to the wet outside world.

"El fuerte" brings you a taste of the quasi-spanish vibes of the ferrys sailing the Gulf of Bothnia. While you may not be able to score with north european teenagers with this track you just might be able to enjoy it if you've had enough drinks.

Closing track titled "Substance on wax" is driven by acoustic bass, horns, spooky synths and Hammond organ giving it a twisted and groovy feel to make you shake your money maker. Rembember: don't be ashamed of your booty!

Fat Camp Records is a drum'n'bass label from Finland. The brainchild of VTech (Wayside/Red Robot/Crossbase/Kill Inc/Darkvibe/Mindocracy) and Hookah, Fat Camp was conceived as an alternative output for their collaborated productions.

Fat Camp Records will be providing listeners with a fresh mix of melodic and acoustic elements blended with harder dancefloor techstep.

Audio is available for listening on Soundcloud.

Get your copy from JunoDownload, TrackItDown, Amazon.

Check out Fat Camp at Myspace, Soundcloud and Facebook.
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