Faster @ Cable NYE 2011


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Jan 21, 2008
your face.
Think you got the wrong end of the stick lol. Was just trying to give a proper definition to hit em high's term 'hispters'. I didn't see this full line-up at first and after going on the Cable website I got mine yesterday...I am also most definitely not a chin stroker haha.

Anyone know if Randall's defintely there? He's on the line-up on the Cable website:

Main Room: Friction, Cyantific, Rockwell, Youngsta, Randall , Wilkinson, Spectrasoul, Basher

Room Two: Marcus Intalex, D-Bridge, Break , Total Science, Ulterior Motive , Bailey

Room Three: Geeneus , Last Japan, Hermit (‘88 – ‘92 Alternative Set), We’re Not Cool , DJ Wonder (‘00 – ‘06 Grime & Garage Set)

Hosts: Wrec, 2 Shy, IC3, Lowqui, DRS, AD, Code:Breaker

All good man :clown:

I wouldn't ever call myself a beard or chin stroker

Same, I can't even grow a beard.

Or a chin

I'm sad I can't grow a beard.
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