Faqade - Tinted

i like it mate, well head nod style, got a nice tune to it, drums need to glitch up and change abit for my liking, im getting along with the snare well mate. all in all good effort, wish i could give better feedback but dont know much , apart from im listening thru the whole tune coz its smart. one of the better ones id say.
Thanks guys, much appreciated! I do agree with the snare issue Slick, listening back it does sound a little too loud, I still need to work on it a bit so I'll change that first, thanks man.
keep up the shiz Welsh.

youve got an eye and and a ear for this production ting. :)
Defo 1 of the better ones imo. Actually really good mate, big props.

I reckon theres another version of this tune that needs to be made. Before the drop & that bass noise the intro sounds ike a really nice tune could be made out of it with one of those beats that seems to be missin a snare. If ur on logic and are curious about what I mean...
Ill hav a go...
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