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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
You is got a good memory Sassy.

Well this is how it goes...my heat was last Wednesday, it was suppose to consist of 4 djs, one of which I've organised many gigs in the past with. Now his lift fell through so my bro stepped in at the last minute and decided to use my choons. They pulled the names out of the hat and funnily enuff I was to play first. At this time people were still watchin the Liverpool game on a massive screen, the system wasn't very loud and the normal pub lighting was still on. Tell you the truth I wern't that interested in playin as no-one was really paying attention, even though I was playing the funkist, newest stuff about (loads a whites). Also as u lot probably know I'm currently spinning on vestax so going back to 1210's is a bit limiting in terms of scratching/accuracy (slate away people:) ). I tried some little tricks n scratches but needle decided to go for flying lessons a couple of times when I went ott. Not making any excuses caus I didn't play that well anyway.

Anyway Miss Emotion played some shitty garage after me, she couldn't mix for shit, although I do remember she used to play at gigs when I was only 15 (long time ago)...she aint improved any. Then me bro went on, he played 4 tunes, including dillinja remix of love is not a game which went down well... there was one complete trian wreck though 8O. Then some geeza called Danny B played some trancey sort of house stuff, bog standardly beat mixed..fair enough.

Results were for two djs to go into the semi finals - my brother and Danny B got through, but I had a phone call last night and because my brother lives in Portsmouth they now want me to play in the semi :D cool hey!

I feel quite bad that I didn't get through but am now gonna feature in the semi finals, so as payback I'm gonna find the filthist, dirtist, nastiest techstep and surprise the lot of em.

I'll let ya know the dates soon as they tell me.
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