Fanu's Short Studio Masterclass [video]


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Nov 22, 2011

I'm starting a new video series.

I've been meaning and promising to do a masterclass video for years, but never find the appropriate mindstate or time for it, so I thought I might do shorter videos every now and then to share some thoughts and all that jazz to also keep it shorter and easier to digest, so I won't go extra deep on anything. Covering some of the stuff I do often.
Plugins, techniques, sounds, thoughts, etc.

So here's episode one with four things/thoughts/ideas:

1) TAL Sampler
2) Add energy on old breakbeats
3) Soothe plugin
4) Bass tone and tip

Fanu's Short Studio Masterclass episode 2 is out today!

The topics in this episode:
1. Keymapping tracks with variations of a sound
2. Using an extra kick to give a beat more oomph – and making room for it
3. Making sure a heavy kick and sub bass are not clashing
4. Ensuring/fixing mono compatibility
5. EQ sweeps on master to cut resonances
6. Bass music sub level tip
7. Tools for controlling sub

I really hope you find some of this useful.
If you do, let a friend know and subscribe to my Youtube channel.
subscribed, i find these useful even though a lot of what you've covered I am aware of and have my own methods.

Can you cover the best possible way for shifting the pitch of samples without losing quality? or atleast some good plugins? When I do it in the DAW it can distort the sound a bit.

Using reference tracks (bearing in mind they're mastered) and what to try and avoid?

Short studio masterclass 3: how I do my drums in D&B.

In this episode, I’m touching a topic I've been asked about for years:
How I do my drums in the type of D&B I like to make.

* Break (drumloop) selection
* What to look for in a break
* Chopping up the drums
* Arranging the drum hits
* Looping the drumhits for length
* The importance of ghost hits
* Using Ableton Multiband Dynamics
* Using Izotope Neutron
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