Fanu's new album, "Serendipity" (dnb, beats, breaks, downbeat)


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Nov 22, 2011

(art by Karezoid.)

Hi there, fellow breakbeat lovers :wave:

I'm glad to let ya'll know that my new album, "SERENDIPITY", is out NOW.

It was a long-time project, and I finished it nicely in the summer as the result of me busting my ankle while skateboarding so I couldn’t move around a lot so I just stayed at home, finishing it by putting all my frustration and spare time into it.
I tried to make it pretty versatile.

You can go to Digital Tunes web store, Amazon,, Boomkat, iTunes, Beatport or any decent web store.
Distribution by SRD.

A Fanu interview regarding the album on K-Mag

What's been said so far:
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A few tracks can also be found on Youtube: just do a search for Fanu + Serendipity.

I hope you dig it :)

-Fanu /
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Glad you're back man; consistently been one of my favourite producers for a good five or so years now.

Look forward to checking this out later. (y)
Glad you're back man; consistently been one of my favourite producers for a good five or so years now.

Look forward to checking this out later. (y)

I had a small hiatus, but that was mainly because of lots of obligations (namely working as a teacher for a year), not because I didn't want to make music.
I'm back with more passion than ever, trying my hardest to make it a full-time thing!
would be stoked to hear your opinions.

a few album tracks on Youtube:
A few tracks on Youtube:
Said yesterday by Bass Music Blog:

Fanu is someone whose production I've always enjoyed; as a drum nerd I hold him in high regard as one of the foremost drumfunk (we're gonna have to have an educational drumfunk post one of these days) producers. Sadly, drumfunk is a subgenre that has pretty much been and gone, but fortunately Fanu has updated his sound accordingly, and now simply writes beat-driven music shot through with rolling basses, atmospheric suspense and really good sound design, underpinned with still-crisp breaks and beats. There's still plenty of DnB in there, but also excursions across all tempos down to about 85BPM too.

His new album, Serendipity is out now, and he's put together a 27 minute minimix of it, which I heartily recommend you get your ears around; it's impeccably produced and a great listen too.

Buy album at Digital Tunes.
Can't believe I haven't posted in this thread yet

This is a superb album and you would be a fool to miss out on it. I suggest that you ask for it for christmas if you haven't got it already. You will not be disappointed
After Amon Tobin heard the album, I got to do a remix for him, so it must be OK ;)
Fanu remix of Amon Tobin's "Journeyman" coming in 2012.
"I find that his decision to keep the drums varied and frantic to be one that works in his favour – It’s almost like having one of your favourite jazz drummers jam to an ambient album. You’d think that the complexity would take away from the relaxation of this album, but you’d be at surprised how well the drums just roll on with the rest of the music.
I’d have to say that Janne Hatula is one of the most forward thinking artists in the drum and bass scene today. He doesn’t adhere to any sound other than his own, and it’s a sound that really is hard to explain with words. His music is just ethereal."

Blood Or Love reviews Serendipity
Gunna have a listen to some of these tunes today, I suspect its an instant bag though. Big up Fanu!
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