Fanu - Xmas 03: So Good I Can't Believe It Ain't Buttah! [2008/12/04]


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Apr 22, 2007
Fanu said:
Soooooo, here's the third and the last mix of the three Xmas mixes.
Definitely new school this time.
A few dubs, some Lightless biz...lots of good beats, breaks, and fat bass as usual.

I hope you're enjoying these as much as I enjoyed making them.
And, thanks to all of you who have been downloading the goodness: there's been 1,500 downloads in the past two days for the two previous mixes.

I think the next mix will be in the first quarter of 2009, and it'll be the All-Fanu Mix Volume 4. and dig this one, here it is.


  1. Cryo - Girls and Their Demons (Covert Operations)
  2. Naibu - It Took A Long Time (Creative Source)
  3. Sight Unseen (dub)
  4. Minotaur - Worlds Beyond (Med School)
  5. Randomer - Ball or Fire (dub)
  6. Stranjah - G-Money (Lightless dub)
  7. Martsman - Halow (Med School)
  8. Randomer - Siren Song (dub)
  9. Buzz & Fushara - Trigger For Chance (dub)
  10. Fanu - For Those Who Dream - Vector Burn remix (Lightless dub)
  11. Alpha Omega - Poltergeist - Fanu remix (Lightless dub)
  12. Seba & Krazy - Imperial Moment (Metalheadz)
  13. ASC - Smartbomb (Vampire)
  14. Grand Masterz - The Dreamer - Teebee's part II (Vampire)
  15. Grand Masterz - Shadow Technique (Vampire)
  16. Chris Inperspective - Right About Me (INPigital)
  17. Social Engineer - Her Sense (dub)
  18. Fracture & Neptune - Boogalou (13 Music)
  19. Polar - Almost and Beyond (Warm Communications dub)

Download: - so good i can't believe it ain't buttah! mix.mp3
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