Fanu - XMAS 02: Damn, That Oldskool Looks Good On You! [2008/12/03]


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Apr 22, 2007
Fanu said:
So here it is, the 2nd mix of my three "Xmas mixes".
Some old dopeness - lots of breaks, beats, and drums in this one.
Should perfect for the dark nights!

One thing - or two, actually - that I have to mention here:
1) I recced the first track off the 12" prior to making the mix...didn't actually listen to it that carefully, and I'm sure you can hear too that the needle was dirty...sorry! :P
2) I could've recced this one a little quieter, so there may be a few clipping moments.

Anyways....'ere it is!

The next - and last - mix of the Xmas mix series will be coming shortly...that one will concentrate on the newer side of things and have a slightly more "dancefloor" edge to it, to use the parlance of our times.
Anyways...dig it, and be nice, the gnomes are out there...


  1. J Majik - Tranquil [METALHEADZ]
  2. 4Hero - Journey To The Light [REINFORCED]
  3. Tek 9 - The Beast Within [SSR]
  4. Sounds Of Life - A Spice Of Jazz [CERT18]
  5. Jonny L - Uneasy [XL]
  6. Paradox - A Certain Sound [RENEGADE]
  7. Photek - Hybrid [SCIENCE]
  8. Decoder - Vapour Dub [HARDLEADERS]
  9. Facs - Kromedome [DROPPIN SCIENCE]
  10. Asylum - Da Bass II Dark [METEALHEADZ]
  11. Swift - 2nd Strike [TRUE PLAYAZ]
  12. Intense - Contact [VIBEZ]
  13. Remarc - 2:01 [PLANET MU]
  14. Acetate - Cold Steel Pressure [FLEX]
  15. Dillinja - Armoured D [METALHEADZ]
  16. Jonny L - PBX [XL]
  17. Paradox - Furtive Drummers [REINFORCED]
  18. Higher Sense - Cold Fresh Air [MOVING SHADOW]

Download: - damn that oldskool looks good on you MIX.mp3
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