Fanu - XMAS 01: Do These Beats Make My Ass Look Big??! [2008/12/02]


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Apr 22, 2007
Fanu said:
Xmas seems to come early!

Got myself a pair of decks and a mixer after a long-enuff break, so I'm itching to make some mixes.
So here goes.

This is the first mix of the three "Xmas mixes" Imma do for the beat lovers.
This one's with downbeat / hiphop.
The next one's about old jungle, and the one after that has new jungle; coming this week - or next, at the latest.


P.S.: Oh yeah one thing. The mix was done with a mixer that only has a 2-band EQ so sorry for the occasional midrange clash bizz0.
Getting a 3-band one tomorrow.

P.S.2: Speaking of the gear:
Vestax PDX2000 x 2, Vestax PMC-05, Serato Scratch Live, Macbook


  1. Silent Wolf - Stay or Leave [N/A]
  2. De La Soul - Sunshine [TOMMY BOY]
  3. Krush ft Cam - Le Temps [MO WAX]
  4. FSOL - Woodland [JUMPIN PUMPIN]
  5. Galliano - Slack Hands [TALKIN LOUD]
  6. Gravediggaz - Diary of A Madman [ISLAND]
  7. Welder - Find You Here [CYBERSET]
  8. Bonobo - Days To Come [NINJA TUNE]
  9. Krush - Jugoya [MO WAX]
  10. Tek 9 - Sweet Dreams and Goodnight [SSR]
  11. The Roots - What They Do [GEFFEN]
  12. Amon Tobin - Keep Your Distance [NINJA TUNE]
  13. FSOL - Amoeba [ASTRALWERKS]
  14. The Herbaliser - Scratchy Noise [NINJA TUNE]
  15. The Pharcyde - 4 Better or 4 Worse [DELICIOUS VINYL]
  16. UNKLE - Guns Blazing [MO WAX]
  17. Danny Breaks - Windscreen Wiper [ALPHABET ZOO]
  18. De La Soul - Squat! [TOMMY BOY]
  19. Welder - Rain [CYBERSET]
  20. Blu Mar Ten - Dolce Vita [EXCEPTIONAL]
  21. Fanu - Dreams Are Like Water [LIGHTLESS]


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