Fanu - "Truth And Lies" EP out today (breaky D&B /// vinyl+digital)


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Nov 22, 2011

New EP “Truth And Lies” is out today on Straight Up Breakbeat (vinyl, digital, streaming).

I started my forays into making electronic, sample-based music 29 years ago.
It soon became evident to me that breakbeat-driven music was the way for me.
This release is no exception.

I’ve always loved jungle and D&B, and trying to use fresh drums has been a thing.
It still is, and this release tells you more than I could say with words.
It’s another breaks-driven DNB release that’s trying to pave the path of fresh drums and sounds you haven’t heard a gazillion times before.

So go buy the vinyl, buy the digital, or stream it to hear what the drums have to say.
Out via literally ALL stores, platforms, and streaming services.

Also, my Patrons can get the stems from my Patreon:
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