Fanu - Serendipity LP


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Hi there, fellow breakbeat lovers.

I'm glad to let ya'll know that my new album, "SERENDIPITY", which I was working pretty long on, will see the light of the day on Oct 31.

It will be coming out as a digital release on Lightless Recordings thru SRD Distribution, so it'll be available on all decent digital music shops.
The album will contain 13 tracks of different styles: dnb, dubstep, downbeat etc.
01. Jumitus
02. Vailla Menneisyyttä
03. Rise Up
04. Genius of the Crowd
05. Paras Ystävä
06. Jupiter 2011 (feat. Mineral)
07. I Can't Sleep
08. Nuku
09. Shatner Rap (feat. Greenleaf)
10. Trippy
11. Rave Like It's...
12. Strange Days
13. Pilvien Päällä

Whenever someone doubts the quality of dnb I always refer them to stuff like this. It soon erodes their preconceived notions of dnb