Fanu presents the debut EP of a new D&B artist, TRC2


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Nov 22, 2011

“The Trail” EP is the debut release of a new DNB producer, TRC2.

TRC2 has carved out his own style of breaks and sub-heavy music – not just for dancefloors but all spaces and places.
His works are inspired by legends of the scene such as Krust, Dilinja and Goldie, and current beatlayers Quartz, Fanu, and ASC, to name but a few.
Should appeal to those into 90s Reinforced, Metalheadz, Krust etc.

“Although I primarily write drum & bass music, it’s not really about genre for me. I write music that I can get lost in, whatever style that may be – I hope it can do the same for others,” he says.

Lightless is proud to release his first EP.

“This EP is super interesting.
Love the different layers in the moods of the tracks.
There’s a positiveness (and lightness) on each tracks mixed with a strong moody darker side to them…
Brilliant work.”
-Laurent Garnier
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