Fanu presents Mixmag's "Mix Of The Week" (DNB)

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    WHO: Fanu, real name Janne Hatula, who is a drum 'n' bass DJ/ producer from Finland with a huge passion for breakbeats and syncopated rhythms. Fanu also runs a small label called Lightless Recordings.

    WHY: Fanu is very much the producer of choice for connoisseurs of d'n'b. His drum patterns are insane and his melodies often verge on the spiritual. As a DJ he excels but it's his live show that really distinguises him from the herd - a masterclass in using Ableton to its full potential with more drum breaks than you can shake a glowstick at. Fanu's work has featured on the Amon Tobin box set and the 'Breakbeat Brew EP' on Lightless is out December.

    01. Fanu - Perky Percolator Jam (Lightless;
    02. Ricky Force - Thinking of You (Lightless dub).
    03. Break - Dreader (CIA).
    04. Fistfunk - Etherophone (dub).
    05. Martsman - Interreign (
    06. Ibunshi & Kodama - Fragments (Absys Records).
    07. Acid Lab & Kodama - Black Ice (Dysfunk Music).
    08. Yagura - Genesis (Lightless dub).
    09. Ricky Force & Mecca - You'll Never Know (Pressin' Hard).
    10. Hybris - Agent (Subtitles dub).
    11. Fanu - A Long Way To Go (Mixmag;
    12. Fanu - Above Waters (Lightless;
    13. IJO - Herbie's Talking (Pinecone Moonshine).
    14. Noetic Nodus - Unyielding (dub).
    15. Blocks & Escher - Broken (Narrative Music).
    16. Loxy & Resound - Paradigms (Metalheadz dub).
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