Fanu presents: All-Fanu Mix Vol. 5!


Oct 16, 2008
Here it is!

The new all-Fanu mix.

I've reached volume 5, and I must say I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, hehe...never thought the series would go this far!

01. Fanu & Bill Laswell - Orh (Columbia)
02. The New Law feat. Fanu - Showdown (Lightless)
03. Bringing Out The Evil (Lightless)
04. Fanu, Byard Lancaster, Bill Laswell - Black Water (Columbia)
05. Where It Rains Blood (Lightless)
06. Sleeping Beauty (Lightless)
07. Brotz (Pinecone Moonshine dub)
08. Fanu & Bill Laswell - Hollow Grounds (Columbia)
09. Amok (Lightless)
10. Silentium - Hangman's Lullaby - Fanu remix (Lightless)
11. Fanu feat. Swervez / BBA - Cry4U (Lightless)
12. Vector Burn - 1000 Thrones - Fanu remix (Lightless)
13. End Of An Era (Lightless)

Mix-wise, it's not perfect, but are they ever, and when it comes to recording, I don't do second takes...that's faking. Hehe.
But I hope you enjoy it - there's lots of breaks, some jazz, some mellow stuff, some darker moments, some remixes / collabo work - and everything in between.
All Lightless material is from the soon-to-come Fanu album called "Homefree"...more info on that soon.
Lightless t-shirts are around the corner as well, I promise.
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