Fanu: "Octatrack 2-tracker" out now


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Nov 22, 2011

These are the first two tracks I did with the Elektron Octatrack sampler.

Pay what you want.

MEADOWHILL MELODY was inspired by Lemon D's "Manhattan Melody" (and "Meadowhill" is the literal translation of the area of the city that I live in). Had to bring the keys and the Amen in! Going for a really full and loud "wall of sound" experience here. Who needs minimalism anyways. ha!

STAGES was inspired by old Krust. Tried to make it sound a bit old, crusty, and sh*tty instead of super-contemporary audio engineering megafeat. Minimal to maximal and back.

File under "Not danceable", "Weird artsy dnb / bass music too leftfield for dancefloor, charts, and media" and "Good for if you need to empty a dancefloor or a club".
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