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This Spring FANU will be crossing the USA promoting his new album "Serendipity". If you would like to see Fanu in your city, dates are currently available between March 1st and March 27th 2012! Please submit all inquiries to booking(at) Dates will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis so let us know as soon as possible :)
Fanu presents: Cold Coffee dnb mix

01. Parallel & PshyKo-Logik - Critical Sound (dub)
02. Blu Mar Ten - Sweet Little Supernova (Blu Mar Ten)
03. Joakuim - Never Been To NYC (Totaal Rez Recs)
04. Fracture & Neptune - Music Ya'll (forthcoming on Astrophonica)
05. Fanu - I Can't Sleep (Lightless)
06. Fanu & Mineral - Jupiter 2011 (Lightless)
07. Outrage - Darkest Fear (Backlash Music)
08. Cartridge - Beat Crazy (free download)
09. Fistfunk - Rebellion (Lightless dub)
10. Trisector & Infader - Does Not Compute [Amoss Remix] (Hustle Audio Dub)
11. Naibu - Use Of Weapons [Fracture & Neptune's Astrophonica remix] (Warm Comms.)
12. Fada - Tone Def (Omni Music)
13. Fanu - Nuku (Lightless)
14. Fanu feat. Dawn Joseph - Something Beautiful (unreleased)
15. Infest - Blue Nature (Omni Music)
16. Fanu - The Circle Of Sycamore Trees (Warm Comms.)


- History

While living in the rather dark and cold North of Finland, he got into breakbeat music in the midnineties
– soon after hearing some electronic music during the earlier years of the decade. Around
that time, he also started experimenting with electronic music and sampling for the first time.

“I lived in a small countryside town, where I didn’t really have anything better to do. My friends exposed me to some
early electronic stuff and I was blown away immediately. I recorded on cassette tape everything electronic I could hear
on the radio. Soon I found myself trying to emulate the tracks I heard, sampling, layering and combining all kinds of
different sounds.”

“Hearing breakbeats was so different. The flow of the rhythm was so different from all other types of music I had
heard. Every time I heard a breakbeat, I felt blown away.
It always sounded so much better than the average four-to-the-floor beat.
Today, I’m creating modern jungle and breakbeat music with aesthetics that come from the past,” he says.

“More often than not, in the music that I write, there has to be some of that same breakbeat action that I used to hear
because what blew me away in old drum and bass and jungle was the syncopation. The drums are the backbone for

- Performances

To close the circle, Fanu DJs and plays live to represent his love for the breakbeat to the fullest,
bringing together breakbeat music of various genres and tempos, and he's been roaming Europe
and USA extensively. He is also releasing mixtapes avidly through his site

“My main preference in old and modern day jungle is the breaksy stuff, but with regard to everything else, I’ve never
placed myself in any mould as a DJ and I never will, as that’s one of the biggest mistakes a DJ can make in the long
run. I like to keep the set varied: I play different styles and switch between the moods.
As for playing live, I love the freedom of being able to play whatever I want. And it’s 100% me. Pure breakbeat
Whether I’m DJing or playing live, I think it’s important to keep the crowd interested and play something fresh. I’ve
always found the unexpected artists the best.”

- Releases
Fanu’s unique style has definitely made an impact on today’s drum-and-atmosphere-hungry jungle
audience. He has released music on several indie labels and now he’s concentrating on his own label,
Lightless Recordings to release the kind of breakbeat-driven music he’s passionate about himself:
deep atmospheres and dirty fat rhythms.

You can check all past and future Fanu audio on the discography section of his site.
After several 12”s, the first Fanu album, “DAYLIGHTLESS“, a heavy package of breakbeat music
was released in July 2007 on Lightless in the form of a 2CD and a 3*12? LP.

Early 2008 saw the collaboration album, which is the result of the teamwork of Fanu, Bill Laswell,
and a group of legendary jazz musicians: “LODGE“.
July 2009 witnessed the release of Fanu’s second artist album, “HOMEFREE”, a 3*12” package of
nine tracks of the trademark Fanu style breakbeat music.

- Right now

The new, much-anticipated multi-genre album, “SERENDIPITY“, came out on October 31, and it
has already received high praise from the fans.
He also recently remixed world-renowned artists such as Public Enemy, Ane Brun, and Animation,
much to the fans' surprise.
Fanu's take on DJ Shadow's official remix competition shot instantly to the top, taking the first
position, and the fans love it.
Programming breaks, sampling things, spreading the sound – that’s what’s happening for Fanu.
One thing’s for sure: he’ll be doing his own thing.

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Fanu is supported by Serato Scratch LIVE, Ableton Live, Ohm Force, Sonalksis, and Waldorf.