Fanu - Homefree - New album audio


Apr 10, 2007
Here it is, the audio clips for the next Fanu album, Homefree.
Tracks here in ambiguous order, but these are the tracks the album will contain.
The release will be 3*12" / CD / digital.

I'm pretty stoked about it. His last album was amazing and this one pushes awesome even further. Like the last one it has a variety of tempos but dang, this one is epic!!

Amok -
And I Find Her There -
Where it Rains Blood -
Bringing Out the Evil -
Burning the Bridge -
Cry4U -
End of an Era -
For Those Who Dream rmx -
Homefree -
Silentium - Hangmans lullaby -
Killer Boys and Black Ballons -
SHOWDOWN - (Seattle's own "The New Law" getting a Fanu rmx)
Sleeping Beauty -
You May Fall but Dont Hide Your Face -
1000 Thrones rmx -
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