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    Here it is, the audio clips for the next Fanu album, Homefree.
    Tracks here in ambiguous order, but these are the tracks the album will contain.
    The release will be 3*12" / CD / digital.

    I'm pretty stoked about it. His last album was amazing and this one pushes awesome even further. Like the last one it has a variety of tempos but dang, this one is epic!!

    Amok -
    And I Find Her There -
    Where it Rains Blood -
    Bringing Out the Evil -
    Burning the Bridge -
    Cry4U -
    End of an Era -
    For Those Who Dream rmx -
    Homefree -
    Silentium - Hangmans lullaby -
    Killer Boys and Black Ballons -
    SHOWDOWN - (Seattle's own "The New Law" getting a Fanu rmx)
    Sleeping Beauty -
    You May Fall but Dont Hide Your Face -
    1000 Thrones rmx -
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    do you know when the cd is coming out? or is it just vinyl & dd