Fanu - Defunct Drums Depression Decade / Process - Rickshaw

2nd release on this ltd 10" series combining Offshore and Ohmresistance Artists you can still get hold of it via or subscribe to the series from . Definitely worth subscribing as you get the artwork and mix CD at the end as well, right now on to the music itself. Fanu's Defunct Drums really are not exactly clapped out just bizare and headbanging. Kicking things off with a nice head nodding hip hip break and a "too black, too strong" sample you know this man has been chopping breaks from birth. The resulting groove is less head nodding more of a hand pointing at the DJ at irregular intervals with some minutely detailed edits and bouncy flow. The bass booms along underneath plumbing depths not seen since the last time you watched the Abyss. Window cracking stuff if you're in a submersible anyway. The tempo drops back down to hip hop for another contemplative breakdown before meandering off for another round in the ring with the kick and the snare both evenly matched for a knockout. The beats and bass are what Fanu focuses his attention on in the production although there some distant sounds in the background which you'll notice more the more you listen, which is needed with tracks this complex. I haven't heard a beat like this since Claw by Nico & Zig on No U Turn, definitely going to turn a few heads or break a few necks out in the dancefloor wilderness.

Process's Rickshaw steps in to view with a crunchy overdriven beat and some bleepy loops to suck you in. From here on in the main force of propulsion is a Bristolian upper mid range synth line winding up for the drop as more battalions of bleeps join in the warfare. A bass laden minefield awaits as the drums wisely get out of the way to allow it to detonate in to a monster. Old skool bass nuggets rain down blazing a firestorm through the binary soundscape. Any fan of Accela's output is going to love the epic sound on offer here
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