Fanu and Bill laswell project finished!!

***Fanu vs Bill Laswell album DONE!! Audio here.

I'll quote the words of the man coordinating this project, Robert Soares, and modify them just a wee bit:

"Fusion album II [the follow-up to the first fusion project, Inamorata, coming out in the autumn on Sony and Nu-Urban] is now finished and mastered yet untitled.

This is the official follow up to inamorata: our idea of fusions using dnb as a tool to achieve a new abstract, a form of interplay between musicians and urban breakbeat producers.

For the moment, we call this concept METHOD OF DEFIANCE, perhaps due to the awful political situation of the world but also, its quite defiant of us to actually expose urban breakbeat producers as qualified musicians and composers which in fact, they are.
All these tunes are untitled [for now].
So here it is.

The next project could be GEIN and TOM MORELLO with guests while Fanu is now a member of our crew and as a consequence, his sound is already on a Nine Inch Nails tune.
I dont see this as dnb anymore but an abstract possibility for the kids to start forming groups and to break the 1960-1990 band concept for the 21st century."
-Robert Soares


Fanu - breaks, loops, and dark fun.
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet, wino.
Graham Haynes - trumpet, dope.
Bernie Worrell (P-Funk): keyboards, bach.
Bill Laswell: fender bass, psychosis.


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Hmm i'll have to check. Not usually into that bear fondling type tunes but this sounds interesting enough.