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Ez guys.

Wanted to let you know about the DNB podcast I do, "Breaks And Beats".
I recorded and published its sixth instalment today. I hope you dig it.
You can check the earlier episodes at

Tracklist for # 6:

Social State – Microdot Monday (Socialstate – Microdot-monday)
Desto – Healing (Rwina)
Sully – M141 (Keysound)
Special Request – Black Ops (Houndstooth)
Etch – Battle Dub VIP (dub)
Danny Scrilla – Shai-Hulud
Black Grape – Fat Neck [Goldie remix] (Radioactive)
Fanu – Jive (dub)
Two Fingers – 101 South [Fanu's Lightless remix]
Etch – The Scientists (Breakology) (Soundman Chronicles dub)
Non Person – Loftview Loneliness [L.A. Edit]
Graphs – Falling Inward (Cosmic Bridge forthcoming)
Digital – Fire (Tempo forthcoming)
Ulterior Motive – Keep It Moving (Metalheadz)
Cern – Dark Before Dawn (
Phuture-T – The Drummer Flex (Sector 12/12)
Om Unit – Parallel (Metalheadz)
Fanu – Leave The Natural World Behind (13 Music)
Seba & Paradox – Future Now (Secret Operations forthcoming)
Wish – Descent (dub)
Out of Fuel – Phobos (dub)
BunZer0 – Anachronistic (dub)
Gang Starr feat. Inspectah Deck – Above The Clouds
Breakage – Come With It
Kolectiv – Immortalis (Diffrent forthcoming)
Neuropol – Night Sky Whispers (Inflect forthcoming)
Om Unit – Bardo Realms (Metalheadz)
Nucleus – Flim Flam (Reinforced)
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – It's On You


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You can also subscribe via iTunes (sorry, the content on iTunes may look a bit messy due to me messing around recently…)

Desto – Close 2 U (Liquorish Records)
Boxcutter & Defcon – Egypt (Kinnego)
Sully – Lowres (Mixmag freebie)
Ill K – Poseure (Alphacut)
Fanu – Hämärä (dub)
Deft – Drawn (Project Mooncircle)
King Fifi – Oh Baby (45seven)
Concealed Identity – Kuniyoshi [Akinsa Redub] (Tribe 12 dub)
Ricky Force – Competitor (?)
Nic TVG – Some Persons Change – [Equinox Remix] (Pinecone Moonshine)
Tim Reaper – High Rise (?)
Mister Shifter – Nowhere Fast (Lightless dub)
Elementz of Noize – Other Side Of Town (S.O.U.R.)
Moresounds – Rahstok (31 Records)
Tim Reaper – Step With (?)
Nonfuture – The Watcher (Lightless dub)
The Drumkilla – Enceladus (Burelom free download)
Tim Reaper – Something Unreal [Acid Lab Remix] (117 Dub)
Hyroglifics – Torus (Flexout Audio)
Om Unit – March of the cosmic diaspora (free download)
Trisector – Power Glove (Trisector Bandcamp)


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Here we go! A new episode of B&B podcast.

A fairly colourful mixture of moods and vibes, going from one to another in a heartbeat, just like I like to do, mixing it all up.
It's mostly new music, some dubs in there, and I'm wrapping it up with a Lightless dub from Moresounds
Had a good caffeine rush on when I started so I had to down a beer in the middle of the set to calm down a bit (I recommend you enjoy bass music with coffee or beer, or both).

What do you think of the artwork? I'm pretty hyped. Done by Ingrid. That bear may have to watch those nails, though.

Here's the tracklist. Hope ya dig!

Neveready – Consumption & Lies [Stene & Dullatron remix] (NexGen)
Etch x Third Person Lurkin – Prismatic [Etch revision] (Space & Time)
Deft – Promise Me (Project Mooncircle)
Sam Binga – Elastic (Critical)
Koda – Crisis (Intalektive Records)
Hidden Element – Hot Pants [Dexta's Jungle Edit] (Translation Recordings)
Kator – Connor [Fanu remix] (Defrostatica Records forthcoming)
Lowcut – 3Four (45Seven)
Dexta & Bredren – 1993 feat. Ruby White] (Hospital)
Mark System – Optix (Exit forthcoming)
Seba – Berberian sound (Secret Operations)
Alix Perez x DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn – Don't This Ish (free DL)
Crypticz – Magnets (Inflect forthcoming)
Fracture x Chimpo – Hard Food (Metalheadz forthcoming)
Acid Lab – Ultra (dub)
Detail & Tiiu – Days Go By (Symmetry)
King Fifi – The Riddim (45Seven)
Loxy, Resound & Skeptical – Choices (Cylon)
Bunit – Onionz
Ivy Lab – Live On Your Smile [El Train Remix] (Critical)
Mako – Do You Feel The Same (Warm Communications)
Skeptical – Instant Reflex (Exit)
Seba – Inside Yourself (Secret Operations)
SDS – Andromeda (Machinist dub)
Pocketdred – Hop Skip Jungle (dub)
Moresounds – Braaka Töölö (Lightless dub)


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Breaks & Beats Podcast #10: ”Focus On The Drums”
[art by Ingrid]

This time, instead of going for more contemporary material, the podcasts focuses on wicked drumworks in D&B.
A lot of this stuff is old, and I wanted to include tunes from whom I consider to be among the masters of drumworks in D&B.
I've always been inspired a lot by Danny Breaks, early Dillinja, Source Direct (with all their aliases), Fracture & Neptune, Nucleus, Equinox, Seba, Klute...hats off to those guys and their beats.
Put a few humble efforts of mine in there, too, which largely pay homage to those who have inspired me.
There'll be more breaks-orientated podcasts coming.

Play the drums.

Soundcloud: Subscribe via iTunes:

Sounds Of Life – A Spice Of Jazz (Certificate 1

Fanu – Last Solo Before Dawn (13 Music)
Dylan – Witchcraft (Droppin Science)
Dillinja – Heavenly bass (Logic Productions)
Tek Unlimited – Primal Drums (Inperspective)
Klute – Perceptron [Fanu remix] (OSR / Commercial Suicide)
Hokusai – Black Rose (Source Direct)
Fanu x Coleco – We Don't Do Neurofunk (Bandcamp)
Nucleus – Gravity Point (Reinforced)
Fracture & Neptune – Colemanism (Paradox Music)
Fracture & Neptune – Deadlands (Droppin Science)
Danny Breaks – Aquatica (Droppin Science)
Danny Breaks – Earth Shaker (Droppin Science)
Seba – Shapeshifter (Secret Operations)
Senses – St. Germaine (Inperspective)
Nebula – Platinum Jazz (Scientific Wax)


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Here’s Breaks & Beats Podcast #11.

I went lighter on the breaks this time, reason being the new Fanu album is dropping soon, which will most definitely make listeners overdose on drums and breaks for a while. Plenty of dubs here from dope artists and labels: Fracture, Astrophonica, Cosmic Bridge, Etch, Moresounds, this one will provide you with a lot of something you haven't heard yet. Also has two forthcoming Lightless things. Keep your eye out on all those, as all the unreleased tunes will be dropping soonish.

Fanu – Bad Dreams [Coleco remix] (Lightless)
Danny Scrilla – Riddim (Cosmic Bridge dub)
Etch – Back On The Planet (dub)
Etch / Big L – All Black [Etch reshade] (dub)
Sully – Crystal Cuts (Astrophonica dub)
DJ Madd – Duppy (Cosmic Bridge)
Overlook – Distant Blues (31 Records)
ReDraft x HP. Ritch – Champion Killa (dub)
Moresounds – Etho (31 Records)
Sam Binga – I Tol U (Critical)
J:Kenzo – Rum Punch (31 Records)
Overlook – Gumshoe (Rupture)
Seba – Jungle Music (Secret Operations dub)
SDS – Shadow People (Lightless dub)
Fre4knc – Rotor (Critical)
SDS – Andromeda (Machinist Music)
Moresounds – What A Party (Cosmic Bridge dub)
Module Eight – OK With That (Exit)
Neuropol & Om Unit – The Rise (Cosmic Bridge dub)
Alix Perez – Losing You (Exit)
Fracture – Remember The Time feat. Lucie La Mode (Astrophonica dub)
Fanu – Winterlude feat. Sarah Kivi (Lightless dub)


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[art by Ingrid]

Breaks & Beats Podcast #13 is here, serving you the freshest and finest in the world of breaks and beats!
Recorded this one right after getting home from a gig in Manchester. Was very hyped about seeing people enjoy proper beats, so wanted to record this one straight away to put the vibes on a mixtape.
I hope you like listening to it as much as I liked recording it!



iTUNES (available in a few days):

Noise and Paradox – Timeless Existence (Ninebar)
DJ Stretch & Teebone – Shaolin Style VIP [Tom & Jerry Remix]
unknown – unknown
DJ Die – Footsteps (Reinforced)
Ricky Force – Fallin (Pressin' Hard Records)
Lynch Kingsley – Eden (Inperspective)
Janne Hatula – Dreaming Every Day (Lightless)
Fracture – Black Pearl (Exit)
Fracture & Neptune – Flashing Light (Astrophonica)
Bill Riley – Never Go Back (V)
Bunit – Windmill Kick (Bunit)
Glyphic – Tunnel Vision [Glyphic's Redline VIP] (Detrimental Audio dub)
unknown – unknown
Trisector – Downward Spiral (DSCI4)
Loxy – Jinnel Killa (Renegade Hardware)
Dexta & Crypticz – Together (dub)
Fanu – Two Drummers (Synaptic Plastic forthcoming)
The Mouse Outfit feat. MC Fox – Wrap Another Zoot [Jim Bane & Nymad Remix] (dub)
Graphs – Foxdie (Diffrent)


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The podcast series serving you the freshest in the world of breaks and beats driven drum and bass is here with a new episode: #14.

Plenty of dubs from the likes of Om Unit, Metalheadz, Ilk, John B, etc.

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Mixed by Fanu (
DJ bookings:
(art by Ingrid)

Danny Breaks – Volume 1 [DJ Zinc remix] (Droppin Science)
J:Kenzo – Alight (Cosmic Bridge)
Kiat – Brooklyn (Defrostatica dub)
Nuage – unknown [Bop remix] (Translation dub)
Ilk - Get On With It (dub)
Prime Perception - Moss Side (dub)
NCQL – Breath Of The Eve (Subtle Audio dub)
Nucleus & Paradox – Scenario (Esoteric)
nucleus - gravity point (Reinforced)
Ilk – Future (dub)
Digital & Spirit – Out of Time
Senses – Regress To Progress (Synaptic Plastic dub)
John B – Lava (Metalheadz dub)
Heist – Violent Rain (Metalheadz dub)
unknown – unknown (Lightless dub)
Theory - Babylon Dem [Theory's Dem A Pree Remix] (Translation)
Nomine - Blind Man [Om Unit remix] (Tempa dub)


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The podcast series serving you the freshest in the world of breaks and beats driven drum and bass is here with its June 2016 episode, #15 in the series.
Plenty of dubs and contemporary bass music freshness from the contemporary heavy hitters. It’s all about the various flavors of jungle, drum and bass, footwork, and related styles.

DJ bookings:
Art by Ingrid.

• • • iTunes: up in a few days at

1. Sully – Flock (Astrophonica)
2. Ilk – Get Ready (Halogen Music)
3. Ilk & Etch – My Soul (Halogen Music)
4. Addison Groove & DJ Die – Legion Of Boom [GutterFunk dub]
5. Richie Brains – Buss It (Exit)
6. Janne Hatula – Behind The Mask (Lightless Recordings)
7. DJ Krust – Kloaking Device [Fracture Remix] (Full Cycle dub)
8. Heist – In Pursuit (Metalheadz)
9. Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing [Om Unit VIP] (31 Records dub)
10. Owneath – Juku (Demand Records)
11. Glyphic – Tunnel Vision [Fanu's Lightless revamp] (Detrimental Audio)
12. Danny Breaks – Sign
13. Nucleus & Paradox – Videoman
14. Mako – How Do You Feel? (Warm Comms.)
15. Ilk – Yes [Moresounds remix] (dub)
16. Out Of Fuel – Wallyard Riddim (Translation dub)
17. Fixate – Molecules (Exit dub)
18. Bop – Deep Inside (Microfunk dub)​


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Breaks & Beats Podcast is back from a six-month hiatus!
Episode 18 for your pleasure.

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Esthero – Breath From Another (Talvin Singh Hyperjam Edit #2)
Kabuki – South Bronx Subway Riddim (Defrostatica)
TMSV – Junglis (Perfect Records)
John Rolodex – Until the Sky Takes Me [dub]
Scape – Shinigami remix [dub]
Sonar’s Ghost – Soundless Fusion
TMSV – Sound System (Rua Sound)
6blocc & Shamanga & Calculon – Make It Ghetto (Defrostatica dub)
Digital – Lower Depths (Photek Productions)
Infader – Gateway Shuffle (117)
Infader – Lifelike (117)
J Majik – Your Sound [SB81 Remix] (Razors Edge)
Pixl & Samurai Breaks – Night Terrors
Samurai Breaks – Run (Halogen Music)
DJ Trax – This Station (Tempo)
Andy Skopes – Who Are You (Inperspective)
Mister Shifter – The Reach (dub)
Fanu – Agenda (Lightless)


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• Breaks & Beats Podcast #19 is here •

[I upload my mixes to Mixcloud at but it was giving me a constant error so I finally said dang it!]

Fanu – Stages (Lightless)
Dj Krust – Flip It (Dom & Roland Productions)
Mister Shifter – Roll Like Thunder (dub )
Reso – Kodama (RX0)
Seba & Jr Vallo – -15 (Secret Operations dub)
SDS – Black Dahlia (dub)
Ilk – Future (dub)
Homemade Weapons – Clarion Call (Samurai Music)
J Majik – Your Sound (SB81 Remix) (Metalheadz)
Andy Skopes – Let Go (Metalheadz)
Detboi – Secret Venom (Metalheadz)
Mister Shifter – Dreada (dub )
Fanu – Meadowhill Melody (Lightless)

We're heading towards the darker time of the year, and that sure as heck can be felt and heard.
Put together a fairly deep and dark mix of very breaky tunes.
NOTE: Do NOT listen if you're allergic to breaks, as the breaks content here is HIGH!

100% drum and bass power and you know it.