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ff crew

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Apr 29, 2002
Just posted two exclusive tasters for your ears:

Jazzy Night (FF Crew 2000 - Classic Archive track)
http://www.fantomflight.com/Jazzy Night.wav
this was our first collaboration track and first track with Fruity Loops back in late of 2000. At the time, we thought snares begin on the first step of each bar, but then later realized the mistake. Classic

Real Dread Jungle (f909 - currently in production)
http://www.fantomflight.com/Rea Dread Jungle.wav
This is another exclusive track that our boy f909 is currently working on as with his many other wicked tunes. just a quick taster.

ff crew
represent and peace (www.fantomflight.com)

if you can't click the link, hightlight the whole address at the end of the wav. it cuts off due to the spacing of the track name
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