DnB FAMILIA EP (out now)


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Jan 12, 2008
Artist’s: Various
Track List:
02 – WIKID SICK – High Octane
03 – RIB TICKER – Gusto
04 – DESTINY – Toxin

Release Status: out now!


It’s time to slip on your skanking shoes and stick your fingers in the air for the latest release from Neutronic Beats. This latest release entitled ‘Familia E.P’ (that’s Roman for Family) this brings 3 new artists into the Neutronic Beats camp. This E.P comes in with a few different styles of tracks. From a “Wikid Sick” brain scrambler, to a “Rib Tickling” roller, it defiantly brings a lot to the table.

The first 2 tracks on the E.P comes from High Octane. But we all know him better as, D** Z***! Yes that’s right…The 2 tracks entitled ‘Silicone Chicken Breast’ and ‘Wikid Sick’ will purify you ear drums, mash your brain and turn your face into the most hideous screwed up mess you have ever seen! ‘Silicone Chicken Breast’ will have you bouncing around the rave and losing your marbles all over the place. With some of the heaviest drums in the business and some seriously stomping bass, i challenge anyone to stop themselves from dancing to this one. On the other side ‘Wikid Sick’ will screw your face up so badly you may have to see a doctor after listening. High Octane comes with some seriously gritty mind bending synths designed to have you skanking like you might officially be mental!

To break up this E.P is an artists who is starting to really state his name in the scene. Basildon based producer “Gusto” provides us with a deep sublow roller entitled ‘Rib Tickler’. With the sharp, snappy kick, snare pattern and nice smooth, rolling percussion, all pulled together by the rib tickling sub bass, this one will have you pulling a new type of face, the sub bass face!

The final track of the E.P entitled ‘Destiny’ comes from up and coming artist who goes by the name of Toxin. With a drum pattern that will keep your head nodding until it falls off your shoulders and bass that sounds like a bone saw, Toxin is defiantly coming in hard on this one and finishes up this E.P with an absolute dance floor shaker!

This E.P is one you’ll never want to stop hearing. Neutronic Beats have once again supplied you with tracks that make sure you have nightmares when you sleep.

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