Drum & Bass Fallen.GeMiNi - Echoes of the Past, the Present & the Future vol.2


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Okay, as promised, here's number two. Arguably deeper with lots of tribal beats and heavy basslines. Any feedback is highly appreciated as always :)


Rockwell - The Rain [Shogun Audio/SHA053]
>> Technicolour - The Unfolding Path [Free Download]
S.P.Y & Kasra - Control [Critical/CRIT054]
Noisia & Hybris - Crystalline [Invisible/INVISIBLE003]
D Bridge - Cornered [Metalheadz/METH099]
Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft. Strategy - Marka [Exit/EXIT037]
Joe Syntax - Signal Drop [Med School/MEDIC24]
Mutated Forms - Wastegash [Grid/GRIDUK047]
Mikal - Lifts Me Up [Metalheadz/METH098]
Spinline - Artificial [Dispatch/DIS050]
Hybris - The Blinds [Dispatch Limited/DISLTD006]
Xtrah - Cyrax [Symmetry/SYMM010]
Icicle & Commix - Ultraclean [Shogun Audio/SHA050]
Break - Something New [Symmetry/SYMM008]
S.P.Y - Distant Street Lights [Hospital Free Download/NHSMPFREE2]
Break - Soundwaves [Critical/CRIT062]
Spectrasoul - The Tube VIP [Free Download]
Basher - Transmission [Ram Records/RAMM98]
Safire & Borderline - Rebellion [Dispatch Limited/DISLTD006]
D Bridge - The Little Things [Metalheadz/METH099]
Skeptical - Blue Eyes [Ingredients/RECIPE024]
FD - Blue Sky Research (Sun And Bass VIP) [Sun And Bass/SABCD001]
Mutated Forms - Duct Taped [Grid/GRIDUK047]
Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - St. Clair [Critical/CRIT061]
Logistics & IllSkillz - Notes From The Block [Hospital/NHS178]
Eastcolors - Koob [Free Download]
Enei, Eastcolors & Noel - Cracker (Jubei Remix) [Critical/CRIT057]
Noisia & Giovanca - My World [Vision/VSNCD001]
Subwave & Enei - The Mines [Metalheadz/METHLP014]
Calibre - Blazin' [Liquid V/LV023]
Cyantific - Touch Me [Ram Records/RAMM104]
>> Krome & Time - The Licence (Break Remix) [Street Life/STREETLIFE007]

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Feedback time!

Rockwell - The Rain – great intro setting the atmosphere straight away

>> Technicolour - The Unfolding Path – very smooth, didn’t even notice this mix first time round

S.P.Y & Kasra – Control – loving the percussion in this mix, and the vocals from rain coming through too was perfect.

Noisia & Hybris - Crystalline – wicked, so far so good man!

D Bridge – Cornered – I haven’t mixed this track much but I’ll definitely try a few mixes with it after listening to this, nice mix.

Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft. Strategy - Marka – yeah cool, liked how you let the mix roll out for a while kept it interesting.

Joe Syntax - Signal Drop – worked quite nicely.

Mutated Forms - Wastegash – not sure about this track, worked well with signal drop but just didn’t seem to be in same style as the rest of the mix.

Mikal - Lifts Me Up - nice, not heard this one before.

Spinline - Artificial – build up to this was wicked, mixing so far has been so tight, very impressive.

Hybris - The Blinds – YES! What a mix, EQed well too so the spinline drums still poked through

Xtrah - Cyrax – another top mix, really feeling this one.

Icicle & Commix - Ultraclean – and again, enjoying this...

Break - Something New – yeah nicely done, the bass on this can sometimes sound overpowering when its switched but you nailed it.

S.P.Y - Distant Street Lights – nice flow to this one.

Break - Soundwaves – yeah! Loving this section, rolling out nicely.

Spectrasoul - The Tube VIP – nice

Basher - Transmission – love this track, another tight mix.

Safire & Borderline - Rebellion – not familiar with this one either, every double so far has been spot on, makes for very easy listening

D Bridge - The Little Things – such a great tune to mix, smoothly done.

Skeptical - Blue Eyes – sick! Will have to try this one myself. Loving these long mixes.

FD - Blue Sky Research (Sun And Bass VIP) – Fuck yeah! What a mix, will be picking this track up for sure.

Mutated Forms - Duct Taped – bit of a switch up in styles, not bad.

Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - St. Clair – can’t stop mixing this at the moment. Liked the strange noise from duct taped just before the drop.

Logistics & IllSkillz - Notes From The Block – quite a strange sounding track, not too sure about this mix.

Eastcolors - Koob - cool

Enei, Eastcolors & Noel - Cracker (Jubei Remix) – sick, lots of head bopping to this one.

Noisia & Giovanca - My World – Oh man, this is special! Huge build up and drop, could see this going off in a club.

Subwave & Enei - The Mines - another big mix.

Calibre - Blazin' – nice funky switch of styles.

Cyantific - Touch Me – yeah nice

>> Krome & Time - The Licence (Break Remix) what a track, great mix to finish with.

Wicked mix overall mate, beatmatching was ridiculously good, so many doubles in there each one was spot on. You can tell you have put some work into this and it has paid off.
EQed work was on point as usual, and a few tracks in there new to me that I will be picking up.


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@SHAD0W: wow, thanks for the in depth feedback! I'm glad you were feeling the most of the mixes, I wasn't really sure about some of them since I've planned to mix a few of them a bit different at first and changed my mind/fucked up during the recording :teeth: So it's nice to hear it worked like that as well. And yeah, I've been putting up a tracklist for like 2 months to be honest, wanted to create a certain evolving yet consistent vibe. But it obviously paid off :) So thanks again!

Will give it a check over the weekend. Looks taste
Nice one geez!