Fall Out Podcast 002 feat. Rido (Defcom, Citrus, Fall Out)

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Up next on the Fall Out podcast we've got the Czech Republic's Rido.

Rido's Fall Out release New Hope / Somber World, which both featured on Kryptic Minds and Leon Switch's Two Swords mix CD, will be out on vinyl w/c 26th April.

Out now is Rido's release for Disturbed - Coincidence / Synthesia.

Download: http://dnbshare.com/download/FallOutPodcast002featRido.mp3.html

Fall Out Podcast 002 feat. Rido (Defcom, Citrus, Fall Out)

Part 1: NVision : bookings – nicknvision@hotmail.co.uk)

N Phonix & Logical – Anti – Gravity [Subtitles]
Dabs & Future Signal – Soulcrush [Fall Out dub]
Zero Method – External [forthcoming Fall Out Digital – The Reaction LP]
Cause 4 Concern – Scare Tactics [C4C Recs]
Audio – Pandorum [Virus]
Science Fiction – Abyss [dub]
Phace – Strange Science [Shogun Audio]
Maztek & Future Signal – X Marks the Spot [Subculture dub]
>>> Noisia – Facade [Ram]
Mindscape & Jade – Razorsharp [Commercial Suicide]
Kantyze, Zeal & Litta – Dusk Empire [Vampire dub]
Audio & Meth – Rampage [PRSPCT dub]
Hedj – What I See [Close2Death dub]
Blokhe4d – Cretin [Bad Taste]
Sub Focus – Druggy [Ram]
Icicle – Minimal Funk [Shogun Audio]
Phace – Regenerate the Blues [Neosignal]
Blu Mar Ten – Close VIP [Blu Mar Ten]
Proktah – Cockroach [Flight dub]
Krone, Malsum & Strago – Alien Creatures [DSCI4 dub]
Morebeat & Kantyze – Alchemy [M:Atome dub]
Chook – Descend [Shadow Law]
Engage – Wire Lead [Uprising dub]
Fourward – Far Enough [DSCI4 dub]
N.Phect & Hedj – Neptune [forthcoming FALLOUT003]
Morebeat – Goodnight (Dose rmx) [Fokuz dub]
Future Signal – World of Sound [Citrus dub]
Axi – Headquarters [Fall Out Digital dub]
Rico & Scoop – Little Green Men (Neonlight rmx) [Dangerous New Age dub]
NC17 – Bug Spray [Big Riddim dub]
Inside Info – Bit Rhythm [Viper dub]
The Sect – Axon (Audio rmx) [dub]
Custom Soldierz – Hidden Places [forthcoming Fall Out Digital – The Reaction LP]
SPKTRM – Planet Human [Human Imprint dub]

Guest Mix – Rido (Defcom, Citrus, Fall Out) : bookings - ridocz@gmail.com

Rido & Morebeat – Machines Desire [Trust in music dub]
Rido – Synthesia [DISTURBD021]
Rido – New Hope [forthcoming FALLOUT002]
Jade - No Cure [Citrus]
Proktah – Saccharine (Misanthrop rmx)[ Flight]
Rido – Coincidence [DISTURBD021]
Concord Dawn & Rido – The Heat [Uprising dub]
Rido feat. Karin – On my Own [Fall Out dub]
Never & Brooklyn – Its not Over [Westbay]
Hybris – Chupacabra [dub]
Rido – Sphere [dub]
Vicious circle & Nocturnal – Operation Index [Revolution]
Morebeat – Circle [dub]
Rido – New Dawn [dub]
Rido – Breeze [Close2Death dub]
BSE & Eye-D – Milkshake [Black Sun Empire]
Rido – Strangers [DCOM022]
Rido feat. Karin – Detonate [Uprising dub]
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