Faith In Chaos @ The Fish, Cheltenham (20/2/03)


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Mar 21, 2002
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Faith In Chaos @ The Fish, Cheltenham (20/2/03)

Incisions opening mid-week night at Cheltenham's Fish & Fiddle, a showcase for the best producers the underground has to offer, sees Dylan and his missus Robyn Chaos bring their twisted sound to this personal venue.
Birthday boy Terminal got things underway with a deep, rolling warm-up set which included stormers such as the 'NHS' remix and D Kay and Lee's marvellous 'Touch'. A nice vibe was created and the floor was filling up rapidly with the early-evening ravers. Next up was Dj Poison, who took over and continued to fill the dancefloor for the next hour! Twisted featured heavily in his set, a testament to the amount of fine tunes the man is contributing at the moment, as well as some hot dubs like 'Barracuda' and 'Vault'. By the time his set was up, the dancefloor was heaving and as he left Fresh's 'Elm Street' on the deck, Dylan took to the Dj booth.
Unfortunately, mic problems meant that Dylan had to perform the first half of their set on his own, but not letting that stop her, Robyn grabbed a loudhailer and let everyone know just who was in the place! Opening with Hives brutal relick of 'Mass Hysteria', the pace did not drop once! I was surprised to see Origin Unknowns remix of 'Feelin U' in his set, but it certainly did the job, as the crowd loved it! 'Heavy Metal', 'The Calling VIP' and a tearing remix of BC's 'Grunge 2' absolutely devastated the place, with the venues system being put to the test! Soon enough, however, and a new mic was produced, and Robyn was soon squeezed into the booth next to Dylan, and from then on, out came the dubs! Brand new Faith In Chaos plates accompanied by Robyns unique vocals, created a sickening atmosphere, one that I think surprised a lot of the people in there! All too soon however, it came to an end. It was the first time I had seen Dylan and Robyn live and I had been expecting a lot, and I can honestly say I was not disappointed! Check the Incision website for updates on whos appearing at the second mid-week night!
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