Face -Cellar Door Launch Party Sat May 29th !!! The Rainbow 9 -4am

Oh lordy! Are you ready for this?

As you may have heard by now there is a great deal of work being carried out at The Rainbow in Birmingham with the addition of another club room at the venue... Cellar Door. Dug deep and excavated, this new intimate space will host nights as hot as hades with fantastic Dj line ups being brought to you every Saturday night and it all starts here...

FACE - Weekly Saturdays...




SAT 29th MAY..
Guests include:

DANA RUH (Berlin)

The Rainbow, Cellar & Courtyard
9pm til 4am
£8 adv / £10 door

**In the Cellar**

FACE with Guest Dj - ALEX KENJI (Italy)...
Alessandro Bacci (29), aka Alex Kenji, is an internationally renowned and respected DJ/producer with over 10 years experience of producing, DJ’ing, and performing. As well as ‘Alex Kenji’, he has released records under host of pseudonyms including: Yoshie Chandler, Combo, Green Sugar, HouseLovers, D.L.D., Orange Love, Kaiko, Itchy Bit and many others.

With over 50 releases, and tracks featuring on more then 10 mix CD’s, Alex is ready to keep you UP on the dance-floor.


Along with Guest Dj - DANA RUH (Berlin)...
Born in Gera, Germany, Dana Ruh has always had a part to play in music.

Whilst she was involved in production during earlier times in her career she is now currently producing with much more musical understanding and her current productions are the conclusion of her special sense of what is most important, the music. With successes on Barraca Music, Brouqade Records, Einmaleins Musik, Perspectiv already released Dana is looking forwards to further releases on Ostgut Ton and Cocoon (alongside Andre Galluzzi) and of course more activity with her own label Brouqade and her home label... Barraca Music.


Plus FACE Residents...
**In the Courtyard**
I CONCUR with Dj's Dan Warby, Jay Marks plus Guests
**In the Bar**
NO HASSEL with Hasselbaink Dj`s plus Guests



So expect to be treated to everything from across the board. Great music in the cellar, the courtyard & the bar conveying an uplifting party vibe & a friendly happy atmosphere throughout, which we feel is the most important aspect to any good Saturday night out.
You wanted consistency at The Rainbow. You`ve got it.
There`s nobody that wont like this party.
See you there folks! (you`d be silly not to).

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Exciting things are happening at THE RAINBOW COMPLEX.

In 2003 Fuzz Townsend of ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’ transformed The Rainbow pub from a sleepy Victorian Irish boozer in a derelict part of de-industrialised Digbeth, into a small haven for Birmingham’s musical Diaspora. An initial oasis has fast developed into an independently organised Empire for the musical minded. First came The Rainbow Warehouse, then The Street and scheduled to be unleashed shortly is a slew of new venues which will further transform the area and the truly unique experience for those that use them . The Cellar Door (May 2010), The Mezzanine (July 2010) and The Arena (October 2010).
Over the years, Musicians, Dj’s, Artists, Poets, Filmmakers, Fashionistas and Freestylers have all stirred a cauldron of creativity that continues to bubble up new hybrids of sounds, sights and talents - as well as breathing contemporary life into a previously run down area.The artistic leylines that now run throughout Birmingham’s most vibrant quarter - all intersect at The Rainbow.

The walls of The Rainbow have long dripped with the perspiration of a defiantly different attitude that draws seminal performances out of all artists. The Rainbow is not a gig – it is an experience in the rich tradition of rock n roll for artist and audience alike.
It is this kind of unscripted credibility that has earned The Rainbow a reputation that has seen artists such as Grammy award winner Joss Stone and mercury nominee La Roux to name but two, chose to gig here – at a pub - above more established but more homogenous venue chains.

The Rainbow Warehouse – 50m up the same road, makes use of a 19 Century industrial workshop as an indoor space and the natural shelter provided by a low level Victorian railway arch as an outdoor space. The city’s most prolific graffiti artists have adorned walls to stunning effect and the outdoor area has been variously used as a beach and/or a garden. Being selected by The Prodigy above all other venues in the UK, to establish their re emergence on the live scene, says everything about The Rainbow Warehouse.

Gaining a license for Adderley Street (which joins The Rainbow and Rainbow Warehouse) not only provides for a further venue and the ability to make use of the natural cover provided by 2 ubiquitous railway arches (which snake throughout Digbeth like industrial arteries) – but also allows the creation of a self contained Rainbow venue complex with a capacity of 4000. This can be utilised 6 times a year, licensed until 6am. Such a gem is a rare find.
A 2009 noise abatement order was The Rainbow’s Waterloo. Emulating a tactical master plan worthy of the Iron Duke, The Rainbow took the fight to the environmental Taliban. Within 10 days 22,000 people had signed up to a Save The Rainbow face book group (indicative of the emotion the venue stirs) - newspaper editorials covered the story almost daily, BBC TV Inside Out scheduled a programme on the subject and BBC Breakfast broadcast live to the nation from inside The Rainbow.
Locally based 60 million record selling UB40 performed a fundraising concert at The Rainbow Warehouse to ‘Raise the Roof’ – with proceeds enabling a sound insulating roof to be installed, that stymied further council action.
Time for consolidation and reflection.
Not The Rainbow way.

May 2010 sees the start our most ambitious period of metamorphosis yet. How do you get more underground than The Rainbow? – only one way – turn the cellar into a venue. The Cellar Door (opening May 28 2010) - is under the very floorboards of the The Rainbow itself. The original Rainbow now consists of Bar, Courtyard and Cellar each delivering a specific flavour to the overall taste of this unique venue.

July 2010 heralds the arrival of The Mezzanine.
The Rainbow Warehouse has hosted some legendary nights and provided the springboard for some maverick and massively successful brands. Anyone who promotes here has relished the sense of decadence that comes with partying under the arches or the frisson of danger provided by the imposing industrial ironwork throughout the interior. There is only one place left to go UP. Launching in July 2010 The Mezzanine will ensure Summer Daytime parties will be going to new levels as The Rainbow Warehouse installs an innovative take on The Zoo Project and DC10, and allows for open air partying on tiered levels.

The Arena (opening October 2010) is at the Opposite end of Adderley Street. Bringing massed ranks of more Victorian railway arches under the over-reaching curve of The Rainbow’s embrace – The Arena is set to witness musical mayhem and battles reminiscent of The Coliseum - whose amphitheatre architecture it mimics. This massive site alone can cater for a capacity of 5000.

The Rainbow Complex now contains 9 separate venues on the same street that can be utilised for events of 200-5000 in isolation, or combined via a road closures to create a unique self contained Urban complex for 10,000 - licensed until 6am. This is unprecedented anywhere else in the UK.

The Rainbow is busy scheduling some of the UK and World’s leading and most exciting artists to perform in these unique venues.
New Era. New Sounds. No Bounds.




For further information on The Rainbow Venues and The New Era,
Please contact KENT DAVIS on 0774 7037821.

The Rainbow Venues
Defiantly Different.

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