Label FABRICLIVE 52: Zero T


'FABRICLIVE 52: Zero T' seamlessly connects the dots between the different facets of his sound with aplomb, deftly moving through tempos and styles to create a beautifully crafted mix. Fusing a wide spectrum of styles with ease, Zero T simultaneously showcases the expansive and diverse possibilities at one's fingertips, while highlighting the common threads between them. At once free flowing and precise, the mix takes you on a journey through an intoxicating world of sound, veering from the ominous to the uplifting, the paranoid to the soulful. Expanding its appeal beyond the limitations of drum & bass, it effortlessly takes in dubstep, garage, house and hip hop along the way. Further ensuring its durability, it hosts a healthy smattering of exclusives throughout: Lemon D, Dillinja, Break, Calibre, and extremely special versions of tunes from Icicle and Paradox - never to be heard anywhere else.

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