Next week man!

Alrite Jules!,
I didnt know you had signed up for this place, were going next Friday man, Friday 15th, I think we might be going to Ocean tho instead. C U later, Iggy
I wanna go to Fabric soon (True Playaz night?!).

Would also like to check the Ram night at The End, sposed to be good?!

Hehe :D
True Playaz Special Nite @ Fabric - 29th March

If you want a good nite out, then this night is unmissable!, check out the listings at theFabric Website. Ive been down to Fabric twice now, tis an amazing place. The atmosphere is phat, the croud is friendly, and Hype fucking loves the place. If you dont wanna be queing for ages, then get thier early, you can always have a drink or two before you start raving, but when the doors are open, Fabric is good enuf to rave immediately, prime time is probably about 2 or 3am, thats when its intense.

Let me know what you lot think about the place, have you ever been/planning to go?
Fabric sucks.
Too many people, too many little kids, too many fucked up little kids. IMO it's not worth the time or money
Fabric sucks??

I dont think I could go as far as sayin it sucks, sure theres a lot of young people, but its hardly a problem. I agree space can be an issue sometimes, but I just love the atmosphere in that place!
how can anyone say fabric sucks, it is well busy and rammed but thats a part of the fabric experience, its a rave in the most fashionable club in london, the sound system is amazing, tunes just sound betta at fabric!
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