Fabric Live - 8th October 2004

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    This was to be my first night at Fabric and with five heavyweight DJ's on tha bill, I couldn't see any reason why this wasn't goin to be a memorable one.
    Entry was sorted courtesy of SLB @Easy Vinyl (Big up!), I remember the guest-list woman marking my hand with a pen which didn't leave any visible ink!?!?! (new 2 me, even for V.I.P)
    Once I entered for the search however, the B.S. had already begun...
    For one my female friend was told to walk up the left stairs without a search!
    I'd rather not go into the 2nd reason as it left me feeling very angry, but for those who have been to Fabric I think you know which part of the search I did not agree with. :mad:

    I was determined to ignore this and continue my night as normal... NO ONE ruins my night mate! :321:
    Fabric is a lot bigger than I expected, and also a lot more 'Plush,' I was certainly suprised. The toilets are kept in good standards and the Foot pedal Taps were different. (y)
    All that I needed to do was make my way to the bar and find out how deep they were going to take me to the bank 2night! (For my poison of choice, 'JD & Coke,' it was 4quid)
    Right, with drink in hand it was now time to head to the main dancefloor and hear some Drumz. :)

    DJ Blitz had the first set dropping rollers and crowd pleasers (Stepping stones, Cannibal Lunch rmx,
    Hawaii 5-O) Until now I haven't ever heard of this guy before but I have to say he couldn't mix for sh*t!
    The selection wasn't bad but he was pushing the tunes in like an amateur DJ and clanging badly when he did try to mix. (Maybe it jus' wasnt his night!?!?!) :thumbsd:
    I spent most of this set bubblin' away with my mates and heavily intoxicating myself with alcohol to block out the clangz... :drunk:

    Movin' on... It was time for the man who I actually came to Fabric for... ... ... ... ... !!! FRICTION !!! :fag:
    As Mr Shogun Audio steps up, HORNZ are blazin thru the soundsystem could this be the sounds of forthcoming NEMESIS!?!?
    Who cares, this tune is a f'in MONSTER BABY (& I dun mean 'Colossus') everyone went nutz for it and Friction wasted no time in getting the PARTY officially started. Before I knew it I was caught in CROSSFIRE (DANGERRRRR!) up on stage next to the MC (didn't catch his name) AVVVVVVVVVIN it large!! :missile:
    'In the Grind VIP,' & ' Let Loose,' were just some of the secret weapons in Frictions box...
    Flawless mixing as usual, this guy is untouchable and he absolutely RIPPED IT! :2thumbs:

    Next it was time for OPTICAL! (HORNZ-a-Blazin' AGAIN!)
    Fabric was starting to RAM-out and the vibes were truly set alight with the tight selection of BASS after BASS after BASS!! :rave:
    SOUND O' DA KILLA got tha wheel-up instantly, as this tune never fails to please the ravin' massive... (Never thought much of tha B-line until I heard it on the stage at Fabric, sounded B-I-G!!) Caught the eye of some very tasty young lady, dressed in black who I've seen at several other raves... BUFF!! o_O
    No sign of Five-O or GQ... :confused: - I know I wasn't that drunk... ermmmm... NO honestly I wasn't... Much...
    This guy is SERIOUS, 'Masochist,' 'Bacteria -Pendulum Rmx,' and 'Crossfire(Danger),' were just some of the riddims that worked tha crowd (Including myself) into a heated-frenzy!!

    After Optical tore it, it was time to JUS RELAX NOW and take a break to check out the other rooms and rest my ravin' legs a little...
    Didn't think much of the other rooms and didn't spend hardly any time in them to actually comment, but with no music of interest playing, you can hardly blame me...:-/

    At this point my party had decided that they were goin to leave in an hour, to which I turned round and said "U AINT FUCKIN SERIOUS!" (haha big up Aston, Estell)
    It had been a long day for all of us, and I had been 'On tha Go,' since I woke up. I was still hungry for more BASS but decided that as I made my way up there with my mates, I had to leave with them as well. :shrug:
    A gentle persuasion to stay for Hypes set failed miserably and now all I wanted to do was to head to main arena...
    GROOVERIDER had the system rumbling before I even stepped onto the dancefloor!
    We made our way through the thick crowd (RAM!) and back up onto the stage...
    I knew the end was nigh(for us), so I brocked out with all remaining energy, stamina and force to the Darkside hard hitting set of Groove. (SWEATIN' BUCKETS!)

    All n' all it was a heavyweight night, I couldn't fault any of the DJ's sets (AHEM!) and my opinions of Fabric have changed... (Slightly) :shittin:

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    Re: Fabric Live -8th Oct 2k4

    Wicked review mate, kept me entertained the whole way through (y)

    Can't fault Friction at all, always on form.