Fabio on the Worldwide show- Audio & T/L inside

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    Fabio digs into his crates! Tunes from David Bendeth, Zero-T, Lensman, Salsoul Orchestra, Ennio Morricone, Dennis Brown, Roy Ayers, & Big Daddy Kane!
    Not your usual dnb forum posting, a mixed bag here consider it education from the don.
    7th August 2008

    David Bendeth - Feel The Real (Sidewalk)
    Salsoul Orchestra - You're Just The Right Size (Salsoul)
    The Chakachas – Jungle Fever (Polydor)
    Lensman - Ever So Slighty (Integral)

    Soundtrack Selection:
    Seu Jorge - Rebel Rebel (from ‘Life Aqautic with Steve Zissou’, 2004)

    Brother Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 (A&M)
    Martyn - Broken Heart (White)
    Aquarium Dream - Look Ahead (Buddha)
    Leftfield - Not Forgotten (Warp)

    Soundtrack Selection:
    Ennio Morricone - Paranioa Prima (From ‘Death Proof’, 2007) (WEA/ Maverick)

    Brainstorm - Journey To The Light (Taboo)
    NERD - I'm So Sorry (Polydor)

    Fabio's ‘Liquid Lounge’ Mix
    Vapour - Mr Mingus (36 chambers)
    Furney - Masqerade (Good Lookin’)
    Zero T - Refusal (Calibre Remix) (Integral)

    Leroy Hutson - Cool Out (CurtM)
    JB's - Pass The Peas (People)

    Soundtrack Selection:
    April March - Chick Habit (Again, from ‘Death Proof’, 2007) (WEA/ Maverick)

    Jay Williams – Sweat (Big Beat)

    ‘Turning Left’
    Commix - Rub Step (Metalheadz)
    Dennis Brown - Here I Come (VP Records)
    Willie Beaver Hale - Groove On (TK)
    El Shikado - Viva Tirado (Kapp Records)
    TC - Where's My Money (Casper Dubstep Remix) (D style)

    Roy Ayers - Coffee Is The Colour (Polydor)
    Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off (WEA/ Rhino)

    Audio in 2 parts to make download easier.

    http://www.mediafire.com/?au0emfxi4q0 (part 1)
    http://www.mediafire.com/?13mniyckkkw (part 2)