Drum & Bass Fabio - Live 1993 Tape ID


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First off, I found this forum from a Google search of "ID drum and bass track" and then was surprised to find out I have an account that I signed up for in 2003. Wow, so long ago! Anyway, here's my ID request..

I was listening to Fabio's set on a tape titled "Live 1993" which is chock full of jungle classics however near the end between "Foul Play - Open Your Mind" and "Nick OD - Good Inside" is a track I don't think I've ever heard. Or can't ID at least. It's probably a classic that just slipped by me so someone should have no problem IDing it. :D I couldn't find any tracklist online for this set or anything.

I've attached an mp3 of the track in question. Also you can find it starting at 52:20 here
Any help is appreciated, thanks!