Fabio & Grooverider Feat Shogun Audio @ BBC 1XTRA 26/10/2008

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Jul 23, 2007
France Baby!
Fabio in the mix

Blame – ‘Bring Em Down’ (White)
Distorted Minds feat. Jakes – ‘Swerve’ (D Style)
Logistics - 'Cosmonaut' (Hospital)
Marky & Random Movement - 'Gimme Your Love' (Innerground)

The Radio 1 & 1xtra D&B Chart
Chase & Status feat. Plan B - 'Pieces' (Ram)

DJ Vapour - 'Unknown' (White)
Spectrasoul - 'Taken' (White)

Shogun Audio in the studio !!

Alix Perez - 'Down The Line' (Shogun)
Friction & K-Tee - 'Set It Off' (Shogun)
Icicle - 'The Cause' (Shogun)
Lenzman - 'Emeralds' (SGN LTD)
Alix Perez - 'Untitled' (White)

Jubei - 'Stingray' (White)
Unknown - 'Stone Groove' (White)

Fab & Groove's Rewind Tracks
Grooverider: D Style - 'Ho' (DSR)
Fabio: Serum - 'Chalice' (White)

M.I.S.T - 'Outerspace' (Soul:r)



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May 25, 2008
bah!! just like the radio1 realplayer stream.. bbc's website has the same stream, half goldfinger, half fabio.

hopefully a real full set will be released soon
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