Fabio & Grooverider feat Blame In the Mix @ 1XTRA 11/01/2009

mr d&b

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Jul 23, 2007
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Sunday 11 January

Dillinja - 'Fly Away' (Valve)
Heist - 'Quake' (White)
Mutated Forms - 'Lemon Face' (White)
Mixmaster Doc - 'Big Changes' (White)
Original Sin & Taxman - 'Seen' (White)
DJ Die - 'Drop Bear (Break Remix)' (Clear Skyz)
Clipz - 'Give It To Me' (Audio Zoo)
P.H - 'Get Down To Business' (White)
Bassment Jaxx - 'Lucky Star (Dillinja Remix)' (XL)

The mighty Blame in the building !!

Blame - 'Skyline' (720 Degrees)
Blame - 'Beholder' (720 Degrees)

Blame in the mix !!

Blame feat. Selah - 'Because Of You' (720 Degrees)
Blame - 'Bring Me Down' (720 Degrees)
Blame - 'Batcave' (Charge Recordings)
Blame - 'Apocalypto' (Blame Music)
L.A.O.S - 'We All (Blame Remix)' (Spearhead)
Blame - 'Whirlpool' (Dub)
Blame - 'Flashback' (720 Degrees)
Blame - 'Hold The Sunshine' (720 Degrees)
Blame feat. Selah - 'Stay Forever' (Charge Recordings)

DJ Fresh - 'Submaries (Pendulum Remix)' (Breakbeat Kaos)
Culture Shock - 'Kronix' (Ram)

Grooverider's Rewind Track !!
Dirty Harry - 'Fools' (White)

Taxman - 'Iced' (White)
Heist & Orginal Sin - 'Overfiend' (White)



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Aug 11, 2008
Killa Cali!!
Hey when I try to download that shit it takes like a second and it only downloads 8 seconds of it. And it does that for any other link from that site for me, anybody know whats up with that?
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