FABIO and GROOVERIDER in the mix @ BBC Radio1 09/11/2008

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Jul 23, 2007
France Baby!
Fabio In The Mix !

Johnny L – ‘Dreaming’ (Mr. L Records)
Xample & Lomax – ‘Contraband’ (Ram)
Chase and Status – ‘Streetlife’ (Ram)
Lenzman – ‘Still’ (White)
Heist – ‘40 Kilo Herts’ (White)
Dave Owen – ‘Still Waters’ (White)

1Xtra/Radio 1 DnB Chart number 1
Chase & Status – ‘More Than A Lot’ EP (Ram)

Untitled – Untitled (White)
Makoto – ‘Sentimental Rose’ (Creative Source)
Atom – Nightlife (Solur)
Magistrate – ‘Imagine’ (Players)
Lupe Fiasco – ‘Paris Tokyo’ – (Bootleg)
Icicle – ‘Cause’ (Shogun)
Total Science – ‘Stonelove’ (CIA)
Serum and Blade Runner - 'Just A Beat '(White)
Red Eyes - 'Untitled' (White)

Grooverider’s Rewind Track
Dillinja - ‘She Diggs Me’ (Valve)

Fabio’s Rewind Track
Vapour - 'Untitled' (White)

Foul Play – ‘Be With You’ (White)
Mutt – ‘Go On and Cry’ (Sonorous)
Lenzman feature Jo – ‘Emerald’ (Shogun)
Benzema – ‘Gunshots’ (White)
Blame – ‘Bring Them Down’ (360)
Lil Wayne – ‘Millionaire’ (Bootleg)

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