Label F4TMusic New Release : Dr Pytor EP [Dubstep]

Hi there!

The new F4TMusic release is here and it brings you the sound of Dr. Pytor. This polish artist has his very own dubstep sound, composing with influences from Autechre, Scorn, Muslimgauze or Photek.

Here is the release sheet:

You can listen to the tunes in full version on

We got some fine support from the scene, the tune being played by :

Opti – JFX:
"This Dr. Pytor release unveils the darkest side of modern bass music yet bringing forward-thinking treatments and new ideas to the dubstep/dub techno scene. Probably one of the most inspiring digital releases I received for weeks."

Alien Pimp – DubKraft Recs:
“Some nice vibez right there, and I like it he preserves the original meditational aspect of dubstep. Gimme a break is my fav.”

DFRNT for Sitting Ovation:
[…] I’m not sure what Mr Pytor has his doctorship in, but it could be “Doctor of Athmosphere”[…]
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Bunzer0 for Sub FM :
“Very good stuff man, I will play some of the tunes tomorrow evening in the FOB Show !"
Check out the mix !

You can get the Pytor Ep via BeatPort, Addictech, Digital Tunes, Juno & iThinkMusic.

Info & Links :

F4TMusic ==> Feed your Thought