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You do realize your crazy? seriously what the fuck vocal at start? think ive watched breaking bad all way through 3 times now and i dnt rekanize this sample. that makes it good though well in a sorta mad way... drumz are coming along nicely i like the patter and progression of them a lot and some nice splashy sounds i honestly cant recall ever hearing before and thats what this production stuff is all about is it? producing something unique?

Im not so sure about the pad synth thing not for me anyway... and ive said it before and i must say again its all a bit reverby but your ears must want it like that so go for what you think sounds best, im no expert on how you feel about your tunes...

Ill stress again though those drums are sounding great pattern wise and even with the wet feel pretty cool.

what is f4f?
the drums are a special tread...
but there IS a bit to much reverb on it.
The thing is, I layed down a simple drumpattern an recorded it (I finally know how to get that beat going), but I used the recording just to test some other shit, hearing damn well it had to much verb on it... who gives a çhid ... but I learned a new lesson.

the vocal you hear is the reel Heisenberg (the scientist who's name Walt came up with when he was asked what his name was, and came up with
Werner Karl Heisenberg (5 December 1901 – 1 February 1976) who was a German theoretical physicist and one of the key creators of quantum mechanics
In this sample he is talking about the A-bomb.

f4f=feedback for feedback, but to do DarkYsidro a favour...

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f4f=feedback for feedback, but to do DarkYsidro a favour...
I know you post on future producers as well, man. And you know how things are there: "f4f on this Dr. Dre style of beat, please!", "f4f on this club banger!", "f4f on this ultra-mega-master-blaster-über hip-hop I've made!". It's kind of annoying.