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    "The soundtrack of my life" takes you on a journey through a world of robots,
    computers, space, zombies and damaged brains. Take some time to listen, don't
    forward the mix and try to see the things i had in my mind while listening
    to the tracks. Don't even think of playing the mix through your pathetic
    small laptop speakers. Loud volume and a subwoofer is highly recommended!
    by the way you will enjoy the mix much more if you are capable of
    understanding german language :D

    soundcloud: http://bit.ly/cUJbxr
    mp3: http://bit.ly/bJn4qr
    zip: http://bit.ly/aCPuF3

    playtime: about 126min.
    filesize: about 230mb

    As many people wanted the tracklisting, here it is:
    sunchase - machine waltz (digital bonus)
    fusion - the girls in genesse ave
    netsky - secret agent
    human factor - japan delight
    bachelors of science - spanish sun (bungle remix)
    mistabishi - printer jam
    4 hero feat. face - look inside (nutone remix)
    redco and dj tapolsky - unknown
    nutone - set me free
    john b - numbers (camo and crooked remix)
    redeyes - brothers
    unknown artist - unknown track (please help)
    camo and krooked - turn up (the music)
    broken drum - i
    redco feat. john b - privet ukraine
    calibre - tru beat
    lenzman - bittersweet (fat. riya)
    nutone - balaclava
    sub focus - kronix
    pms - stolen momnents
    technicolour - freedom theme
    stunna and bionic1 - cant you see
    a makoto - blackberry jam
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