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Hiya peeps! My name's Roger, I started listening to the music & going raving back in 91, mixing in 93 & have been dabbling with production for a good few years now aswell. My main local haunts back in the early days were Milwaukees & The Roadmender in Northampton. I'm not really into a massive amount of the new dnb that's coming out these days tbh, there's only a handfull of producers keeping me interested such as Seba, Break, Nebula & D Bridge. Am mainly into the older stuff. My favorite era is the early - mid 90's without a doubt, and in more recent times 2003 - 2006 were also vintage years IMO. I guess I'm just oldskool to the core! I found this site while searching for an old Amazon UK Jungle tape pack & it turns out I'm already registered from ages ago, so figured it's about time I introduced myself!
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