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First time I have posted.... lets hope its a good'un!

Below is a mix, some record releases and other information for you all. If you would like to contact me regarding bookings for your events, please do not hesitate to email me on djdeval@djdeval.co.uk

- Website
DJ Deval's new website is ready and online! Check out previews of past releases, mixes, galleries and much more. Visit the shop to buy MP3's of the full 12th Round Recordings back catalogue and exclusive, unreleased tracks.

- DJ Deval - Galaxy FM Feature - MP3 Download - Interview and Mix

Begins at 37mins 30secs
Seminal Track (37mins 30secs)
Unknown "Blue Pearl" Unknown

Interview part 1 (41mins 40secs)

DJ Deval Production (46mins 01secs)
1) DJ Deval f.t. Switch MC "Mash Up" Toughness Records
2) KD "Can't You See?" Flex

Interview part 2 (55mins 03secs)

Get out track (57mins 45secs)
Influx UK "Shine" Formation

Mix Tracklist (1hr 07mins 54secs)
(All additional FX and samples by DJ Deval)
1) Xample "Down Beat" Frequency
Tease - Marcus Intalex "Outa Space" Soul:R
2) Tactile "The Mist" (Klute Remix) Timeless
3) Heist "Aftersoul" Horizons
Tease - UFO "The Planet Plan" (DJ Die Remix) Talking Loud
4) Benny Page and The Rhythm Beater "Dub Room" Cutterz Choice
Tease - DJ Hazard "Selector" Ganja
5) Origin Unknown "Sound in Motion" Ram
6) Peshay "Buzz" Cubik Music
7) Heist "In The Stix" Co Lab
BCee and Lomax "Unbreakable" Intrinsic
9) DJ Deval "Jah Creationz" Reformed
10) DJ Deval "What Ya Gonna Do?" Step Express
11) Peshay and Neil Mac f.t. AMC "Scorpion" Cubik Music
12) Unknown "Ragga Soul" Chronic
13) Visionary "No Love" Play:Music
Tease - Dillinja "Friday" Hard Leaders
14) Marcus Intalex "Out Of Touch" Revolve:r
Tease - Gang Related "Rukus" Dope Dragon
15) Influx UK "'97 Moody" Formation
16) Mr L "Hey" Mr L
Tease - Solid State "Just a Vision" (Marcus Intalex and S.T. Files Remix) Renegade Recordings
17) DJ Deval "Replicants" 12th Round Recordings

Contact: djdeval@djdeval.co.uk

- DJ Deval 2006
2006 is definitely going to be a great year for DJ Deval as he begins to develop his brand new musical production alongside Kaleida (New Identity, Flex and Formation). Under the alias of "The Authors" the duo are deep in the studio working on brand new beats, breaks and basslines! Not just Drum and Bass, Kaleida describes the project as "a way for Deval and me to showcase all our different styles and influences". Support from DJ Sappo (1Xtra UK), DJ Seen (NYC), Trace (DSci4), L Double (1XTRA UK, Flex) and Nicky Blackmarket (UK) is showing that this new project will be a big event in the DnB music scene! Watch out for their first album project coming later this year!

- Releases
DJ Deval f.t. Switch MC "Mash Up" Toughness Records - released February 2006
DJ Deval / Xample and Sol "Still in Love / Next Level" Industry Artists Presents...002 - Released April 2006
DJ Deval "Suspicious / T.D. Day" Raw Recordings - Released June 2006
Distributed through Nu Urban Music

Roll Da Beats: http://www.rolldabeats.com/artist/dj_deval

- Gigs
25/3 - Manchester
31/3 - France
7/4 - Manchester
29/4 - Manchester
5/5 - Manchester
6/5 - Newcastle
24/5 - Holland
27/5 - Manchester
2/6 - Manchester
24/6 - Manchester
30/6 - London

For further information, bookings or general business contact djdeval@djdeval.co.uk / +44(0) 7970 351 417

Peace - DJ Deval


WINNER is back ;)
VIP Junglist

just trying to listen to you live in france......not sure my uni comp will let me yet but hopefully :mr_cool:

anyway nice to meet you :)
yeah, there was mad reverb on the set. pretty mad set up.... in was in what i would call.... a big garage! lolol

wicked party though!

check the galaxy fm mix though.. not as hectic!

hope you like it :)

peas and gravey