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    for a proper introduction ;)

    GRIEVOUS - Future Sickness Records , Future Sickness Digital , Darkland Agency , CC-Radio , Rinseproof-Records , Haunted Souls , Selfdest

    Style : Darkstep,Harstep,Neurofunk,Drill'n'Bass,Breakcore,Jungle,Ragga
    Age : 25
    Location : Belgium

    Insane is the word some can use to describe Darkland Agency and Crew Connection Radio’s local jester, Grievous. Beginning his path towards the drum and bass combination at the ripe age of nine, he first heard a hardcore tape from a friend named Bonzai. A few days later, he went on to buy more and, after a few years, he began attending Raving Zone, an acid/hardcore party in town. This would be the first real exposure he got to the ‘core sound.

    He raved on throughout his teens and started DJing at 16. “A friend took me to the Squadhouse where there was an acid/hardtek/acidcore party going on. The music flowed into my veins, and I fell in love with it!” Grievous reminisces. “I decided to buy my own turntables after playing around at my friend’s house.”

    Grievous went on to buy records from the likes of Frankie Bones, Woody McBride AKA E.S.P., Astrocat, Choose, D.D.T., Delta 9, Freddy Fresh, Laura Grabb, Hellfish, The Producer and Panacea/Problem Child. It was short after that he started spinning parties across Belgium. But just as sound evolves, so did Grievous. ‘Core started to sound monotonous, and he needed something more.

    His friend, Whitedogg had handed him a few tapes by Bad Company and Dieselboy, and that was it! “I went nuts! I went over to Whitedogg’s house and started mixing drum ‘n bass,” Grievous says with joy. “And though I don’t pay as much attention to ‘core as I used to, I still come back to it every now and then. It’s great to see people like Gein bringing back the hardcore influences in drum ‘n bass!”

    Wanting to spread his love of drum ‘n bass to the masses, Grievous launched Crew Connection Radio in November of 2004. “I started up C.C. Radio for many reasons: To connect artists across the globe, to give artists a chance to promote their music, and to build up a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other,” he says on the mission of the radio station. “Though we aren’t as big as DNB Radio, Destroyer or Jungletrain, we are growing by the minute. We are working hard to keep this growing. I’ve got a really good administrative/moderator team surrounding me. I get a lot of help from Audio 1, Practical, RDS, Red Ant and Soi, as well as the artists and listeners that frequent C.C.”

    Grievous has also launched Darkland Agency and Rinse Proof Records (with Skelm). “Darkland has a wide variety of artists, including bands, DJs and MCs and spanning all genres including drum ‘n bass, breaks, hip-hop and hardcore,” He explains. “Look out for a agency tour by Darkland this summer, featuring Gremlinz, Hedcase, Myself , Hara Isis, Empire-X B2B Kensi ,SVS b2b Fixation,Mumblz on request.. Other possible artists to be added and a few MCs. More details about this soon!”

    2006 will also see the launch of long-awaited Rinse Proof Records. “Skelm and I co-own the label, but there are no releases for the moment. The first release is currently on hold, but expect it sometime this spring. Skelm is currently working on his first release and a Rinse Proof release tour in the United Kingdom. Expect to see tunes by Skelm, Brizene, Mindhackers, Gremlinz, Hedcase, Friske, Illkillaz and myself in the future.”

    His aspirations this year seem endless, but his primary focus is on the future of C.C. Radio and the Darkland/Incognito U.S. tour. “My main goal is to be live 24-7. We still have some free slots, but expect those to be filled soon! We would also like to start broadcasting from events, in addition to hosting our own C.C. Radio events. A mini-European tour for C.C. Radio might be in the works as well,” he says. “RDS build a new website for C.C., and we’re hopefully going to start doing interviews again. Maybe even launch C.C. TV. ”

    A New Zealand/Australia tour might be in the works towards the end of the year, and Grievous plans on getting back onto a few unfinished production projects. “I’m finishing two of my old tunes and am planning on a future collaboration with RDS.” He adds to the previous list. “I’m working on a party project with Namto (from Freq. Disturbance), RDS and K.Gol (Hypnotic Souls)
    under the name Haunted Souls, and the launch of Future Sickness Records end Ocotober 2006 with a digital CD which gonna be released on a labellaunch party 31th of October 2006 with Counterstrike,robyn Chaos,Tactix,Spookane & NDM,The Awakaning,Hypnotik Souls and myself and then the first 2 12" releases early 2007.”

    "We also got a digital part of the label" and he continious " to release any kind of D'n'B except Liquid and expect a release every month feat B-Complex,Motion Theory,KillSwitch,Cooh to name a few but mroe about this on the site"

    "Around 15th of September till 15th of October we're planning a UK Tour with Darkland & Rinse Proof Records with artists such as : Loxy & Ink , Mampi Swift , Krust , Outrage , Temper-D , Nicky Blackmarker , Skelm , Grievous , Stixx , Mc Eksman , Mc Coppa , Slack , Audio Demon and many more to name."

    "And between 23rd of October till 19th of November we got the European Infected by the Sickness Tour to promote Future Sickness Records and Darkland Agency feat. Outrage,Unknown Error,Mampi Swift,Cativo,Hayze,Resonant Evil,Cooh,Zubcore,Hypnotik Souls,Spookane & NDM and myself"

    Shouts goes out to : RDS,K.Gol,Practical,Skelm,Audio1,Mumblz,Sighnature,Spookane,NDM,Hack Ira,Namto,Tek Infektion,Current Value,Greyone,Arkitekt,Covenant Audio,Sinister,Jimmy of Unknown Error,Robyn Chaos & Dylan,Technical Itch,SPL,Typecell,Dj Hidden,Gremlinz,Ben Sage,Shawn of Nu Urban,Hayze of Intense Records,Tactix and all the rest that i forgot.............
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