Ez All - Did You Know That Tinnitus Week Is Forthcoming? Audio Relief offer inside...


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And to honor this Audio Relief are offering discount on various products...

If you are interested in ear protection, now's the time to get yourself sorted.

Audio Relief are offering a 5% discount on custom molded products such as the ER15's most commonly used by DJ's and Producers.

There's a 10% discount on all other products such as ER20's used by ravers and those starting out in ear protection, or temporarily protecting themselves whilst waiting for their custom molds.

Audio Relief are also offering free delivery on orders over £10.00

All you need to do is submit the following discount codes when ordering via the Audio Relief web site www.audiorelief.co.uk/shop

5% discount on custom molded products. code: form5
10% discount on all other products. code: form10

To find out what artists are using Audio Relief products check out the myspace page www.myspace.com/ukaudiorelief

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