Extent V.I.P Recordings podcast Vol. 4 Feat: Mauoq

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    Extent V.I.P Recordings podcast Vol. 4 Feat: Mauoq LISTEN HERE

    Mauoq is an Italian Dnb producer based in London. He started Dj’ing playing House and Techno at student parties back in the early 90s. Later in the decade he discovered Drum & Bass through the likes of Roni Size, Goldie and Adam F to name just a few and from then onwards he was completely hooked.

    He contributed to the success of the Dnb sound in Rome by playing at all major parties and clubs then a few years later he started fiddling with music software’s like Rebirth and basic midi sequencers, simply driven by a strong need of being able to create the music he loved so much.

    Soon after he moved to Uk and after many years practicing his production skills he landed his first commercial release at the beginning of 2011, a Dnb remix on Dub/World label Green Queen Music , His first single EP Aerosolid /Free the Past came out shortly after on his own Mauoq Music and it has gained strong support from labels such as Different, Santorin, Lifestyle and many more.

    Now Mauoq has releases lined up for the next few months on Extent VIP Recordings and Absys Records.

    On the Dj side he has recently performed at the Sun and Bass Festival and variouse other dance’s before hand and is looking to play and enjoy many more to come word wide. Mauoq also runs his own monthly podcast where he pushes the best and freshest Dnb around at the moment.

    In this months instalment Maouq has kept the podcast quite Extent vip style amoung a few hot bits that are out there at the moment.

    Happy listening

    Extent V.I.P Recordings

    Mauoq’s Links below